What Is Eternity Ring Means? How to Wear?

What Is Eternity Ring Means? How to Wear?


Isn't it a blessing to have the perfect person as your life partner? But how do you express the limitless love you have towards them? Obviously, you seal the deal with engagement and wedding ring, yet all of these seem too little to showcase your boundless love. If you are experiencing a limitless amount of love and want to express it, eternity rings are the best choice. They are perfect for expressing the purity of your love and shall convey your feelings better than words.

What are Eternity rings?

Eternity means never-ending. Jewelry designers worldwide have begun to create spectacular designs in eternity rings to help you confess your endless love with these. But before choosing the right design, let's learn more about these mesmerizing beauties called eternity rings.

Another name for Eternity rings is Infinity rings. Diamonds or gemstones are cut similarly and equally spaced around a gold or platinum band in the eternity rings. Regardless of the angle of viewing the ring, the perfect setting of the precious stones ensures that it will have an extraordinary sparkle and eye-catching luster.

Eternity rings are gifted to commemorate eternal love. According to earlier customs, the husband traditionally gave an eternity ring to his wife, who recently became a new mother. In the modern era, eternity rings are a git option for an anniversary, valentine's day, or birthday. An eternity ring shall shine as a symbol of love, luxury, health, success, and the desire for never-ending love and happiness that couples aspire to share, regardless of when you choose to offer it.

History Of Eternity Rings

While eternity rings are becoming more popular every year, their origins may be traced back to roughly 4,000 years. The ancient Egyptians utilized them as symbols of both eternal love and life.

The eternity ring has a long and illustrious history. It is said to have originated in Ancient Egypt about the year 2000 BC. A snake swallowing its tail was also depicted in specific ancient artworks, symbolizing the circle of life and death.

In the 1960s, DeBeers, a British diamond business, invented the concept of an eternity ring. The product line was aimed at married ladies, and it was designed to use DeBeers' limited diamond stockpile.

According to one marketing campaign aimed at husbands, Eternity rings, lost in the shadow of time for millennia, resurfaced in the 1960s, owing to diamond merchants. It all started with a deal between diamond merchants and the Soviet Union to buy uncut Russian diamonds. Diamond dealers came up with the concept of mounting the diamonds in gold or platinum bands and advertising them as gifts for husbands to give to their wives because the stones were so tiny.

Some women now prefer to wear an eternity ring in place of a regular wedding band, while others wear an eternity ring in addition to their wedding band and engagement ring.

Significance Of Eternity Rings     

Eternity rings, as previously said, are a symbol of eternal love and a promise of lifelong devotion. It doesn't end there, though. Eternity rings also represent the life cycle. They are frequently presented to a partner following the birth of a child, symbolizing the beginning of a new adventure of eternal love.

The Right Way Of Wearing Eternity Rings

The most typical method to wear an eternity ring is to pile it on the same finger with your wedding band.

In many nations, the wedding ring finger is the fourth finger of the left hand; hence individuals frequently wear their eternity rings on this finger. Of course, eternity bands can be worn on other fingers, including the thumb. It's only a matter of personal preference.

Variations are, nevertheless, permitted. Because the eternity ring is generally the most valuable diamond ring a woman owns, some women choose to replace the wedding band. Others like to wear it on the third finger of their right hand or transfer it to the fourth finger.

The reality is that where you wear your eternity band depends on its design and your lifestyle. Be wary that there is no right or wrong way to wear it as long as you are comfortable with it and enjoy its glitzy gleam.

Occasions To Gift An Eternity Ring

Is there an occasion to celebrate love?

Though humankind has churned a few days dedicated to loving, we know that it's an occasion celebrated throughout the year. Similarly, there is no particular moment or time to gift an eternity ring.

The gifting of eternity rings began with husbands gifting their wives after their first child. It was an overwhelming moment when they became new parents, and the wife bore immense pain to deliver the baby. The eternity ring marked this occasion as the husband thanking his wife and profusing his boundless love.

Nowadays, eternity rings are not just meant for husband and wife. Everyone who feels immense love towards their partners gifts these to celebrate the feeling and shower the love.

Couples also love to propose with the eternity ring, strengthening the relationship multifold. They are also a famous anniversary gift perfect for marking years of a strong relationship. Offering an eternity ring to celebrate a milestone in a marriage symbolizes not only the time you've previously spent together but also the infinite future you intend to spend.

The diamond eternity ring would be perfect for your sixtieth anniversary when diamonds were considered an appropriate gift for couples that insist on sticking to tradition.

Types Of Eternity Ring

There are two basic styles of eternity rings available.

Full Ring

Diamonds or other types of stones run around the entire circumference of the band in a full eternity ring. This is the perfect option for individuals who prefer their rings to have a bit of a flash. Because they have more stones, they are invariably more expensive, mainly because these rings must be custom-fitted because the stones would prevent resizing.


Only half of the perimeter of the ring is covered in stones in the half eternity ring. Some people love this ring because the fingers can close easily as there are no stones on the bottom half of the finger. Because the ring has fewer stones, it can be resized much more quickly. Also, the half eternity ring can accommodate larger gems and create an enticing beauty.

3/4 Eternity Ring

The 3/4 eternity ring has diamonds throughout, leaving a tiny space. More often, this space helps in future resizing. Another specification of a 3/4 eternity ring is that it has a similar appearance to a full eternity ring as only a tiny space is vacant, and it goes beneath the finger hence is invisible.

Though the 3/4 eternity ring has 25% fewer diamonds, it may not be 25% less costly. The price may be almost the same due to making charges.

Yet, the biggest advantage is sizing. 3/4 eternity bands, often known as "sizing bars," give just enough room for future sizing changes.

Ways To Choose The Best Eternity Ring

Choosing the ideal eternity ring can be a complex undertaking. There are many aspects to consider when it comes to eternity rings.

Here are a few criteria we shall look into when purchasing an eternity ring.

There are 3 aspects to consider when choosing an eternity ring for your loved one-


You shall probably be looking for a diamond eternity ring, but don't feel surprised if the jeweler presents some alluring colorful gemstones. People do choose rubies, emeralds, and sapphires due to their enticing colors. Also, sometimes your girl may love the colors rather than diamonds.

If choosing a diamond, opt for a round-brilliant, princess-cut, or baguette, as these shine brilliantly and present a desirable vintage look. In case you choose the vibrant colors, they may also look equally mesmerizing and weigh less on your pockets.


The popular opinion is that eternity rings should be in platinum. They are beautiful, scratch-resistant, brilliant, and oh so durable and dense. Did we say that they are also the rarest and costliest! Platinum is surely a metal to rely on and shall stay with you until eternity. However, it is pricier too.

White gold shall be your cheaper option. It has inevitable luster and does last longer too. It also resembles platinum and can be a great alternative. We believe love must not be bound with money, and jewelers made white gold to help lovers who wish to gift yet may not have ample amount to spare.

Another metal that is beautiful and traditional is yellow gold. There are ample options to purchase an eternity ring in yellow gold. It's again tarnish-resistant and durable.


You must ensure that the gemstones are secure. Choosing a good setting shall provide you surety in that case. Most jewelers insist on opting for claw, channel, or bar setting for a firm hold. These also ensure that the diamond or whichever stone you chose shines the brightest.

Eternity Ring Designs

Eternity rings come in a variety of designs and bandwidths. Many today are precision sets, which means the diamonds are placed by a machine to assure a perfect finish every time. The most trending and alluring designs of all the time are as follow:

Split Shank Designer Eternity Ring

The split shank eternity rings reveal a magnificent variety of princess-cut diamond rings with voguish openings on either side of the top shank.

A stylish split shank eternity ring has a ring band that splits in two as it approaches the central setting, forming a V shape and making the ring appear more prominent. These rings are available in various jewels, including sapphires, emeralds, black diamonds, and many more, to enhance the ring's splendor.

Stackable Eternity Ring Band

The new popular trend is stacking eternity bands. They're a terrific alternative to purchasing a large engagement ring, and stacked eternity bands are a fun way to re-create a unique wedding set if you already have one.

Stackable eternity bands are produced in spectacular designs with diamonds of various shapes. The exclusive collection comprises lustrous metals such as rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

Channel Eternity Rings

It features a seamless blend of diamonds and precious metal for a sleek, contemporary look. The precious metal is set with rows of diamonds, making it a more comfortable and elegant option for women who prefer to be trendsetters and live an active lifestyle.


Giving and sharing joy should not be limited to a single day, which is why there is no perfect time or day for getting an eternity ring in this day and age. Whatever you decide, keep the following in mind- that the eternity ring is a sign of your never-ending love—a symbol of love and commitment to your mate.

It's all about exchanging emotions and expressing affection that determines how much attention a couple may give each other. It might be any occasion, event, or special occasion you choose to acquire an eternity ring. Just make sure you get your eternity ring from a reputable jeweler, and everything else will fall into place.