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84 products

The wedding day is said to be one of the most important days in a person's life. The two get married, promising each other to walk through the fun as well as the hard times that may come. They are in love and ready to face the world. However, there is another important moment before all this can happen--the proposal! Without the other's 'Yes' your future is unsure. So, to make the moment as perfect as possible, you will have to make some serious effort and look for the perfect 1.0ct to 2.0 ct Solitaire round diamond engagement ring in two tone white gold , yellow gold to amaze your loved one.

Choose your perfect solitaire diamond engagement ring

So you decided to buy a diamond engagement ring. You know exactly what you want: a ring with one diamond in the middle. We call this a 'solitaire' round diamond engagement ring. Because the diamond is on its own - it is solitaire.  Solitaire diamond rings are maybe the most popular diamond engagement rings out there. But did you know there are a lot of different options like forever us two stone ring three stone engagement ring to choose from within the category solitaire diamond rings. It helps a lot to know what you like and what you do not like ahead of time.

Solitaires with Single Mounting are most famous as wedding bands. These rings are basic solitaire designs set on a collet and raised over the shank to give the stone all the attention. A diamond sparkles best when raised on an open collet as it enables the light to go through.

Solitaire rings set with alternative gemstones

Not all the ladies prefer simple mountings, but neither do they want the design to be too describe in detail. Accents are the answer to it. If a simple mounting design gets too boring, add to it with some gemstones like sapphire and rubies to improve its look. But the thought is to ensure that the solitaire is given its due importance.