Leverback Diamond Earrings

9 products

9 products

There are a large variety of earrings that have leverbacks. They have curved ear wires that protects the earring in place. Leverback earrings are a good for any fashion earrings. They click in and are easy to wear. Leverbacks are strong and beautiful, and are usually attached to hanging earrings.

Leverback diamond solitaire earrings

A leverback is the enclosure of a stud. They are made for pierced ears. The back is regularly bended like a fish hook.

Diamond studs with leverbacks are prominent. The leverback shields the solitaire stud from tumbling off the ear. Diamond hoop studs frequently accompany a leverback enclosure. They can be made of silver, gold, wire . The most widely recognized leverback studs are gold.

Leverback studs are difficult to lose. Obtaining a costly pair can worth the cash because of the additional security of the leverback enclosure. These studs make a wonderful dangle appearance and can be elegant.