Five Stone Diamond Ring

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24 products

Buying Five Stone Diamond Rings for Jewelry Gifts:

Buy a Five Stone Engagement Ring for women. Each stone represents one milestone each in a couple’s life. These come in multiple carat weights and gold color. Anniversaries- be it of five years or one, hold a lot of significance in a couple’s life. A 5Stone Engagement Ring is one that is best suitable for such situations. These beautiful rings symbolize so much more than what meets the eye. The five stones in such rings, represent five different things; It may be a symbol of the five years spent together as a couple or it might be a symbol of a promise of love for the upcoming years.

A popular choice among those celebrating a one or a five year milestone in their relationship- be it their first or fifth or maybe even fiftieth anniversary (with each stone representing a decade), the Five Stone Engagement Ring is a lovely way to appreciate all the love and effort has been put into a relationship.

History behind the 5 Stone Diamond Rings:

Diamond wedding and engagement rings are not entirely about the beauty or aesthetic, these rings have a deep symbolic meaning of love and commitment, associated with it. So, it is no surprise that people look for meaning in their rings.

Generally, 5 Stone Anniversary Band showcase a set of five diamonds, or gemstones or even both in a graduated style. Set side by side in a row, these diamonds have quite a lot of symbolic importance and many interpretations:

●       One of these interpretations can be of each stone symbolizing one year each. In case of that, these rings would make an excellent gift for either a five year anniversary or a first year anniversary, as the stones may represent past achievements or a token for future endeavors.

●       Another interpretation of its symbolism can be the way it represents the five stages of a somewhat traditional relationship: Friendship, Courtship, Dating, Marriage and Parenthood.

●       As the design of the ring is a set of diamonds placed side by side, in connection with one another, the ring may also represent a connection or perhaps link between two people. In this case, it would make an excellent gift not only for one's partner but also for anyone from your family or friends as it symbolizes a bond of eternity between you and the other person.

These rings come in a variety of gorgeous designs to pick from. Our customizations, on top of that, are endless. You can go for different kinds of gemstones, diamonds or a combination of the two, set in different kinds of metal as well as setting.

Types and Styles Of The Five Stone Diamond Rings

Given below are some of the design choices you can pick from:

●     Prong Set:

This setting is, perhaps, the most popular of all designs and has an important role in the set up as well. The design gives the stone an added sparkle by holding it up in a way. The prong set is basically a small piece of metal responsible to bold the stone or a series of stones with the same structure. However, it exposes the sides of the stone, which at times makes it a bit less durable. Nevertheless, it it still remains a beloved choice for those looking for their signature look.

●     Bezel Set:

Compared to the prong set, this one is a safer option as it gives the stone utmost protection by encircling it completely. This provides fashion as well as durability. The bezel setting is especially suitable for people with an active lifestyle as it saves you the time of having to remove your ring from stuck fabric. What makes the bezel design more accessible is this feature as it makes the stone more resilient and requires very little maintenance. 

●     Channel Set:

The channel setting gained a lot of popularity in the late 1980s and remained at its height for about a decade. What makes it so popular is its clean and modern look. The design is such that the stones are placed alongside in a row separated by tiny walls of metal. The channel set has a very safe design as it, like the bezel setting, gives the stone an added protection by securing its sides.

●       Bar Setting:

The design of a bar setting separates the stones by small metal bars on two sides, which makes it slightly similar to the channel setting, the only difference being that a bar setting does not encircle the stone entirely. However, this gives the stone an added sparkle by leaving ample space between each bar to let light pass through. Along with providing extra sparkle, it also provides stability to the stone itself. Not only that, a bar setting creates gorgeous symmetry, especially in rings like the Five Stone Engagement Rings.

 Types of Five Stone Wedding Bands:

One of the most popular designs is the Five Stone Engagement Ring collection. Crafted delicately with detailed designs, this collection is handicraft at its finest. This Five Stone Engagement Ring is the embodiment of not only five years of your relationship but also the five key elements of love, trust, commitment, communication and empathy, that are most important in a relationship. These rings can be worn with the engagement ring, one stacked on top of the other. It also works as an engagement ring, best if you could make the center ring bigger than the rest. Nevertheless, they serve you with a chance to celebrate your years of happiness, love and companionship in marriage. The collection comes in a wide range of designs to pick from.

Our limitless customization options, allows you to look through Stackable Diamond Eternity Rings till you find the one that not only catches your eye but also fits the budget. With all this being said, following are some tips and guides that would help you pick what is best for you:


By Shape: These rings are so gorgeous that their popularity surpasses their shape. Keeping its objective in mind, the main structure of these rings involve a band of gemstones or diamonds set side by side to each other. Other designs are available as well but this is our classic. 

By Size: All of the rings are available in a variety of shapes and sizes which will fit your fashion statement as well as your wallet.

By Setting: Be it any kind of setting, prong, channel, bezel or bar, or even a combination of two of these, each have their unique specialty. Pick the one that defines you and your relationship. All the designs are durable and not to mention, fashionable! Choose what suits you.

By Metal: Our rings are basically crafted out of different kinds of gold (white, rose and yellow); All of which is a suitable option for the 5 Stone Wedding Band Collection.

Why Choose Five Stone Anniversary Bands?

The Five Stone Rings collection offers an insanely varied range of options.

●   Customization options for the Five Stone halo diamond ring are almost unlimited! All you have to do is pick your favorite gemstone as well as the design and we will get that for you.

●     Our designs come in a wide variety- It can be different kinds of gemstones, metals or even design settings. Thus, do not hesitate about asking for the one that suits you and your unique relationship.

●     Again, the Five Stone Rings usually define the milestones of five years, like your fifth anniversary, where the five rings represent a year each. However, you can also gift it on your first anniversary or the birth of your first child, as a token of love for all the years that are about to come.