Bezel Set Diamond Earrings Studs

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10 products

Bezel set diamond studs are very tough and solid and designed for greatest security. They are extraordinary for individuals who are harsh with their jewelry. Bezel settings tend to be progressively costly because of the skilled labor needed to set them accurately.

Bezel Set Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings make for an ideal gift because they are constantly wearable.Bezel Studs are simple, yet  beautiful, and customizable in some ways. Whether you're getting them for yourself or for a friend, take the time to find diamonds that offer quality for your financial limit. Customize the settings and backs to create earrings that look flawless on whoever wears them. You'll end up with perfect pair of bezel diamond studs you'll be pleased to wear daily.

Generally, settings that cover the least amount of diamond area expand diamond size, however they additionally offer the least amount of protection. The most protection is offered by a bezel setting, inside a thin metal strip is pushed around the diamond to secure it. Although the bezel metal covers part of the diamond's surface area, a white metal bezel can make a clear diamond look bigger while it holds it in place.