How Do Leverback Earrings Work? Is It Safe? Yellow & White Gold Options

How Do Leverback Earrings Work? Is It Safe? Yellow & White Gold Options

Earrings are a common piece of jewelry for both men and women. They are a staple, and many of us can't even think of going out without them. Before choosing your favorite earring, there stays one prominent question in mind. Is it secure? Will it fall off easily? Yes, everyone who adorns earrings goes through such scary thoughts, especially when flaunting those precious earrings.

Most earring lovers swear on lever back earrings when it comes to security. They are the most trusted ones due to the strong clasp that ensures safety. They have a unique backing that is stylish and secure. We may all be having a piece of lever back earring in our closet.

However, this article will take you through the detailing of lever back earrings. By the end, we are sure you shall know the beauty and usability of this earring and why you should have them in multiple designs.

What are the Lever back earrings?

The lever back diamond earrings have a hook-shaped closure that passes through the pierced ear. It then clasps the other end at the back and secures the earring tightly.

Leverback is the closure of an earring. Hence, you can grab various designs in the market: a collab of dangle with lever back earrings or hooks with leverback earrings. Occasionally you can also see a drop earring in lever back, and the options are myriad.

Why Choose Lever back Earrings

Everyone choosing the lever back earrings raves about its safety. But, is there anything else that attracts the wearers? Here we count the benefits of a lever back earring and how it can become your favorite piece in no time.

Carry Them Every Time

This lever back ear trinket does fasten so firmly that it can quickly grow as a lasting attachment on the wearer's ears. Some people only wear jewellery for special occasions. Some others prefer to remove them only to clean and then re-wear. For those who love to flaunt the earring, whether, in sleep or the shower, lever back earring is a trust-able option.

They're Marinade In Tradition

Many people don't even know about this, but the lever back design in earrings is not a new concept. Research shows that many ear jewelries in early Greece emphasized a design homogeneous to the structure of lever back.

Moreover, wearing earrings with this design heed back to ancient times. This makes it a piece of ideal jewelry for history lovers or those who love to indulge in timeless jewelry. This reality makes this distinct variety of ear jewels a noble, significant gift.

Capture The Light And Shine

As the lever back ear trinket does droop down, it quickly snatches the spotlight. This produces a gorgeous twinkle and radiance that doesn't appear, or at least not that significantly, when you wear other varieties of jewelry. Therefore, for those who desire to shine through the crowdiest audience, lever back is your pal.

Relish Extreme Adaptability

Lastly, this advantage of lever back earring will exhilarate you. The lever back earring is available in numerous fashions. You think of a design, and there will surely be a lever back option for the particular earring. Whether you desire to flaunt a precious pearl, a gem, or want to wear a set of naive hoops, you can get all such fashions in the lever back design.

Various jewelers can even switch a regular earring into the lever back design when requested. Owning various options implies that you can wear this sophisticated lever back jewelry just about with anything, anywhere, and at any time.

What are the benefits of choosing Lever back Earring

Let's all agree that when buying jewelry, comfort and safety find a better place than style. When purchasing precious jewellery, a styling earring that doesn't look secure and seems to fall in a crowded arena will find a secondary place than one that appears secure but lacks a bit of style.

However, how about we say that you can have all. Lever back earrings are available in numerous designs to make the perfect earring shopping: fashionable, comfortable, and safe.


Here we have discussed a few benefits of lever back earrings in detail.


Do you ever experience pain in your ear lobes at the end of the day due to your earring's tight back? Or possibly, the pointed tips of hook earrings have pierced your skin from behind your lobes, getting them irritable? If such is the case, a pair of lever back earrings are the best and most comfortable option for you.

These leave no sharp ends near your ears or neck. Lever backs also possess a round design, so they feel comfortable whether you are sleeping, jogging, and so on.


You don't even have to bother about missing a lever back earring because, here, the closure is connected to the earring itself. So if you wear the lever back earrings all the time, you can do its stress-free as they stay closely hugging your ear lobes.

All thanks to its padlocking mechanism that the closure is tight and stays secure. These lever back earrings are also a standard selection for extravagant designs that emphasize valuable stones, including diamonds.


Lever back earrings usually hang somewhat below the earlobes that look so simple yet beautiful at the same time. Whether it's a dangler, a drop, or even the hoop design, lever backs finish the portrait and feel comfy too.

Is it safe to use?

Safely secure the Leverback earring

Usually, earrings, even the most stylish and elegant ones, give the wearer stress of safety. However, jewellery designers claim that most earrings are safe and cannot simply fall off your earlobes. Their structure forces to think that the worst might happen.

Thankfully, the lever back earring does not confer to this issue. Once the earring is in the ear, the wearer observes it intact and attached correctly. Plus, the consolidation of the earring is safe, which means there's no requirement for concerns. This should provide you the peace and confidence to venture into the most crowded areas and have a blast without thinking of losing the earring.

Evade The Injury Of Rough Borders

As stated formerly, plenty of traditional ear jewelry can be causing discomfort. However, this is not the problem with jewelry that emphasizes a lever back style. A big reason for this is that style does not have pointed edges that directly contact the skin. Most studs and hook earrings have pointed edges that may pressure your skin and cause bruises. Though the injury is nominal, it may become painful since the skin around the ear is delicate.

With the lever back design, the closure is accomplished through the other end of any notches. Thus, none of the sharp points attains contact with the skin. So, this sort of ear jewelry is fit for young children and people with more sensitive skin.


Bid goodbye to tangled and damaged hair

One of the most horrendous things about a standard earring is that it can snag hair. Frequent tugging can rapidly damage the hair. And, since the whole purpose of jewelry is to get a person to feel and look more elegant, this kind of jewelry spoils the purpose.

Save your clothes

Have you experienced thread-pulling while removing the clothes? In most cases, it is the jewelry that stuck to the thread and ruined the entire attire. The lever back earring shall provide you not only a stylish look but also safeguard your clothes. Now you can wear clothes from your head and embrace your favorite scarf; none shall be afraid of your earrings as they are devoid of any sharp edges.

Safety to earlobes

We are talking about saving our hair and clothes, but I am sure many of us have experienced the intense pain in our earlobes when the earring is pulled. The feeling is difficult to describe and scary. How about it, if we say that lever back earrings shall protect your ears from such pain. They can never be stuck or pulled by hair or clothes.

Unique designs in Yellow and White gold lever back earrings

Now that we know lever back earrings as a true friend for those wild souls who love to wander without worry let's also look into their drool-worthy designs.

You can have the most stylish earrings in lever back closures. Here are a few options in the timeless yet trendy yellow and gold earring section.

Dangle lever back earrings

Pearl Dangle leverback earrings

Grab the timeless white pearl or go daring with black pearls. This lever back dangle earring set in yellow gold is a must-have in your collection. They will never be out of fashion, and you can flaunt them with all outfits.

Black Onyx Dangle leverback earrings

These 2-step dangles are unique due to the beautiful black gemstone that sparks as you adorn them. The combination of yellow gold and black onyx is trendy and at par with your style.

Opal and diamond Dangle leverback earring

How about choosing the royal opal with diamond and combining it with white gold? You get the most regal lever back earring with an oval-cut opal dangling beneath sparkling diamond snug securely to your earlobes.

Stud lever back earrings

Round cut diamonds lever back stud earrings

Round cut diamonds are beautiful with an underlay of white gold. Now you can have round cut diamond earrings with lever back that secures tights behind your ears and makes you worry-free.

Halo leverback earrings

Halo earrings are those that have a large center stone and multiple tiny diamonds around. This arrangement can happen with a lever back too to secure your costly earring. You can either opt for white, rose, or yellow gold to feature your halo earring. However, we shall advise choosing white gold as they look lovely with sparkling diamonds.

Hoop leverback earrings

Hoop earrings are traditional pieces yet look trendy at all times. When collaborated with lever back the hoop earrings also stay securely in place. Diamonds are the most adorable with hoops, and when featured on yellow or white gold, they look stylish on all occasions.


These are only a few designs. Lever back earrings have a massive genre in designs. You can grab teardrops in white gold with tiny diamonds hanging or grab chandelier lever back earrings with colorful diamonds and yellow gold for formal events. Whatever the occasion, you shall have a suitable lever back earring that looks trendy, stylish, and comfortable and stays snug to make you always beautiful.