Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace gold womens

17 products

17 products

Cross pendants go back to 1000 AD and were worn by devotees as a declaration of their confidence.  Back then, cross pendants were as yet the most popular types of Christian jewelry. Christians felt associated to cross pendants not only as a way to show faith, yet more so as a way to feel an emotional connection to their beliefs throughout daily life. Today, cross pendants come in astonishing designs from discrete to intense, symbolizing something other than just a fashion pendant but a way of life.

Classic Cross pendant necklace

Diamond cross pendants and necklaces are a must-have in every woman's jewelry box. Each woman has her own style, and cross pendant designs speak differently to each individual & a touch of classic beauty to the neck with a Cross Pendants gold. Look at through the full big list of items, and select a diamond pendant that suits her style, her life, and her point of view and give her a piece of jewelry with everlasting Brilliance. 

Share the Word of God throughout your day with one of these cross pendants for men around your neck. This modern take on cross pendants is cast in polished 14k yellow gold. the simple design of this plain gold cross features a stacked overlay, giving this pendant its modern look.