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20 products

Embody the Divineness of Diamond Cross Pendant Gold Necklace for Women

Diamond for Good presents its elaborate collection of diamond cross pendants. We understand that the diamond studded gold cross pendant isn't merely a piece of jewelry. Instead, it's a way of life that brings you close to the creator. Welcome to the extensive collection of cross pendants for a necklace, and choose the one that expresses your beliefs in the best possible way.

Understanding the Evolution of the Diamond Cross Pendant

A cross diamond pendant is a piece of jewelry that combines the symbol of the cross with the sparkle of diamonds. It can be worn for various occasions, from everyday wear to special events. Symbolizing faith and the endearing connection with the Almighty, the diamond cross pendant necklaces add elegance and sophistication to the one who adorns them.

The diamond cross pendant dates back to 1000 AD, symbolizing the declaration of faith. Today these are much more than faith. Devotees worldwide adorn the diamond necklace cross as a belief in a divine way of life. 

At Diamond for Good, our gifted artisans realize the essence of creating alluring pieces of cross pendant necklaces in gold for women. So crafting these is an act of devotion for us, and we take our entire energy to bring around incredible pieces of the cross pendant for our esteemed customers.

Presenting the Incredible Diamond Cross Pendants in Various Styles

Diamond for Good ensures that you wear your faith, embrace that strength that comes with it and look the best with its versatile diamond cross pendants. We serve our customers nothing short of the best regarding quality and style. Presenting the types of cross pendant necklaces available with us-

Traditional Diamond Cross Pendant: This pendant features a classic cross design adorned with diamonds. It is a popular choice among those looking for a timeless and elegant accessory to express themselves.

Diamond Cross Necklace: This pendant features a cross-shaped pendant attached to a chain. It is a versatile accessory that seamlessly blends with different outfits.

Halo Cross Diamond Pendant: This type of pendant features a cross design surrounded by a halo of diamonds. It is a stunning piece of jewelry that is perfect for special occasions.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Diamond Cross Necklace Pendant for Women

Diamond for Good wants to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their purchases. That's why we offer a 60-day return and exchange offer at every purchase. If you aren't happy with the diamond cross pendant, all you need to do is give us a call at 917-261-2856, and we shall arrange for the rest. However, we want to avoid any situation that puts our customers in a sad state, even for a few moments. Hence, we carve the ultimate buyer's guide for purchasing your next cross pendant necklace.


The price of a cross diamond pendant can range from a hundred to a thousand dollars. Determine your budget before shopping and look for pendants that fit your price range. If you seek to receive premium quality naturally mined diamonds encrusted on your yellow, rose, or white gold cross pendant, look nowhere other than the extensive collection at Diamond for Good.


Consider the occasion for which you plan to wear the pendant. A more ornate pendant may be suitable for a formal event, while a simpler pendant may be better for everyday wear. We have a refined collection of both, so you don't have to look elsewhere before making a choice.

Personal Style

Choose a pendant that reflects your style and taste. Look for a pendant that complements your wardrobe and other accessories. Our intricate collection of diamond cross pendant necklaces shall pursue you to continue beyond just one since we have a cross pendant for all your style statements. You will surely like our Halo Diamond Earrings, Halo Diamond Pendants.

Diamond Quality

The quality of the diamonds used in the pendant is a vital factor to consider. Look for pendants that use high-quality, clear diamonds that are well-cut and sparkly. What better than natural earth-mined diamonds to sparkle your pendant with a cross necklace on gold for women?

Metal Type

Cross diamond pendants are available in different metal types and colors. Diamond for Good uses all the hues of gold, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold to create mesmerizing and divine collections of cross pendant necklace that best suits your style and budget. So choose the one that complements you every single day.

Pendant Size

Cross diamond pendants come in sizes, from small and subtle to more extensive and ornate. Consider the size that best suits your style and the occasion for which you plan to wear it.

Brand Reputation

Consider the reputation of the brand from which you purchase the pendant. Look for brands that are known for their quality and craftsmanship. Diamond for Good has a proven track record of 100% customer satisfaction, and our reviews speak a lot about the premium quality jewelry and service we offer.

Caring for your Cross Diamond Pendant

Below are a few tips from our designers and artisans to ensure the long life of your jewelry-

  • Clean it regularly with a soft cloth
  • Store it in the designated jewelry box to prevent scratches and damage
  • Avoid wearing it during strenuous activities or swimming
  • Have it inspected by a professional jeweler annually

Why Buy a Cross Diamond Pendant from Us?

We offer a wide range of high-quality cross diamond pendants at competitive prices at Diamond for Good. We bring your favorite jewelry to your doorsteps without charging extra money for delivery. We also offer a no questions asked return and exchange policy. If all of this isn't enough, we also give a lifetime warranty for our products since we know the quality we put in each piece. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always available to help you find the perfect diamond necklace cross pendant for your wishes. Email us at contact@diamondforgood.com, or you can also call at 917-261-2856.

Come Shop With Us for the Perfect Cross Pendant to Express Your Faith and Lead a Life of Elegance and Style