Diamond Stud Earrings - Sizes & Types

Diamond Stud Earrings - Sizes & Types

Fashion bloggers keep repeating, " When in doubt, choose black because black color can never let you down.

The same goes with the stud earrings. There is nothing more elegant than a beautiful stud earring. The best thing is that it is suitable for both casual and formal occasions. 

What are stud earrings?

Stud earrings are small earrings with or without a gemstone mounted on a narrow post that passes through the ear piercing and is secured at the back with a fixture. 

The earrings are much smaller than the above definition and the cutest ornament you shall lay hands upon. 

History of stud earrings

Though earrings came into prominence during the English Renaissance, hoops were the prevalent ones then. Stud earrings are relatively new, and the Victorian era witnessed how the once-popular hoops became non-existent, paving the way for the glorious studs. Since then, both women and men have loved stud earrings. Now they are staples in every jewelry collection. 

Nowadays, it is the diamond stud earring gaining prevalence due to its unsurpassed beauty. However, purchasing studs is not a cakewalk. Choosing the perfect diamond stud earring earrings becomes a gigantic task, with the present collection boasting of varieties in metals, colors, carats, and shapes.  

If you are also searching for the perfect gold and diamond stud earrings, this article is for you. We shall help you find the most enigmatic diamond stud earring that brings radiance whenever you step out adorning it.

Diamond Earrings Sizes & Types


Gold and Diamond Stud Earring

Gold is considered one of the most versatile metals. When an infusion of gold and diamond happens, we get some of the most adorable ornaments. If you are also thinking of investing in diamond stud earrings that mounts on the majestic gold, read ahead as we have a lot more to share about this miraculous companionship.

Metal Purity – 14K or 18K

The purity of gold contributes to the beauty of your diamond stud earring. Gold is calculated in 24K, where there is no mixture of alloys. Hence, 24K gold or pure gold is a fragile metal that cannot make ornaments.

Mostly, it is 14K and 18K gold used for stud earrings since these provide strength and malleability. Here we shall give detailed information regarding both the Karats, so you can choose the metal where you want the diamond to mount.

Diamond stud earring in 14k gold

14k gold ornaments have 58.3% of gold in them. It also means that there are 14 parts of gold out of 24, and the rest are alloys that make it stronger. Due to the lower amount of gold 14k diamond stud earrings are paler in color.

Here are a few properties of diamond stud earrings in 14k gold

14k gold diamond stud earrings are cheaper when compared to the higher karats
  • Less gold and more alloy make 14k a strong option for those seeking daily wear ornaments
  • 14k diamond stud earrings are less likely to cause skin allergies

Diamond stud earrings in 18k gold

18K gold ornaments have 75% of gold, and the rest are alloys to strengthen them. We can easily understand it as a diamond stud earring in 18k gold shall have 18 parts of gold mixed with alloys such as copper, nickel, silver, etc. Due to high amounts of gold 18k has a warm yellow color. However, the color may change according to the alloys used, and you can also grab diamond stud earrings in 18k white or rose gold.

Few properties of diamond stud earring in 18k are-

  • Diamond stud earring in 18k is affordable compared to higher karats
  • 18K gold has rich yellow color making it desirable for diamond-studded earrings
  • 18K gold is a perfect choice for gifts due to its bright color

Which color gold to chose for the diamond stud earring: Yellow, White, or Rose gold?

We already know that gold is available in 3 colors, i.e., yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. 

Diamond stud earring in Yellow gold

Most of our ornaments are in yellow gold as it is the traditional color of gold. The best element of choosing a yellow gold diamond stud earring is, it is suitable for every occasion. Be it a formal or casual event; you can always flaunt yellow gold diamond stud earrings. Still, yellow gold is preferable at traditional events. So for your next Thanksgiving, why not choose a yellow gold diamond stud earring and be the center of attraction.

Diamond grade M to Z pair well with yellow gold as these harmonize the yellow color and look great. Apart from the cool vintage looks, there are multiple other advantages of choosing yellow gold for your diamond stud earrings. Here we list a few-

  • Yellow gold is hypoallergic, which means you shall rarely contract an allergy to the metal
  • The designer can easily alter yellow gold designs as it is the easiest to work with
  • Yellow gold looks beautiful on wheatish and darker skin tones
  • Yellow gold illuminates lower-grade diamonds and makes them look expensive.

Diamond Stud Earring in Rose gold

When gold is strengthened with copper and silver, the amalgamation results in a lovely pinkish metal called rose gold. It is a hit amongst the new generation due to its tinge. Like yellow gold, rose gold is also a versatile metal used widely for formal and casual occasions. Nowadays, rose gold is popular in kid's jewelry, and you can see little girls flaunting rose gold studs with their tiny dresses and looking prettier than princesses.

Diamond grade K, L, and until Z work great with rose gold as the yellowish tinge pairs well with the rose color and provides a glam look to the wearer.

Here are a few qualities of rose gold diamond stud earring
  • Rose gold is affordable due to the lower quantity of gold
  • Rose gold suits every gender
  • Rose gold is durable due to the robust copper alloy
  • Rose gold complements diamonds beautifully

Diamond stud earrings in White gold

We all know platinum is what makes white gold so popular. Since platinum is costly, people seek affordable alternatives, and white gold ticks all the right boxes. The color of white gold is due to the amalgamation of gold with silver, nickel, and palladium. The final rhodium coating renders the finishing touches and gives white gold a platinum-like appearance. White gold is the millennial favorite and has also taken over the Zen Z with its beauty.

Diamonds that are colorless and have a slight tinge of yellow are the most reflective when used with white gold. You can choose diamond D to J for your stud earring with white gold to enhance the looks.

Few pros of white gold diamond earrings are-
  • White gold is affordable when compared to platinum
  • White gold is scratch-resistant
  • Diamonds look better with white gold
  • Complements fairer skin tones

Which stone setting to choose for diamond stud earrings?

The diamond setting is a crucial factor as that determines the reflection of the diamond stud earrings. Apart from that, the settings safely secure the diamond and prevent it from falling. There are 3 stone settings prevalent in the diamond stud earrings.

3 prong settings

The 3 prong setting allows maximum light to pass through the diamond. Hence, the diamond stud earring with 3 prong setting reflects the most. This also creates an illusion of larger diamonds and shines the best at functions when you need to sparkle. 

4 prong setting

if you require an ideal balance of security and beauty for the diamond stud earrings, 4 prong is the best choice. The diamond shall have adequate reflection and also secure well. However, 4 prong settings may diminish the size of smaller diamonds.

6 prong setting

With 6 prong setting, you receive a high level of security for your diamonds. The crown setting holds the diamond beautifully, enabling it to reflect maximum light. With 6 prong setting, you can flaunt your diamond stud earring throughout the year without worry.

Diamond size for stud earrings

Timeless diamond stud earrings are those with the right carat, which means the weight of the diamond. Diamonds start from as small as 0.25 to 3 carat in weight. Remember that lower carats also mean that the diamond is small in appearance. Hence, to determine the right size, you need to evaluate your needs and the weight of the diamond. 

Diamond stud earring for daily wear

If you require a diamond stud earring for daily wear, opt for a lower carat with 4 prong setting. You can choose between 3.2 mm to 5 mm for the best fit. It shall ensure the safety of gemstone and also provide you with immense affordable choices. Here are a few beautiful solitaire diamond stud earrings to adorn you while you run errands.

Check this earring.

The brilliant round cut, 4 prong set diamond is an affordable asset for your everyday duties. The 4 prong setting shall protect it and also allow ample light for higher reflection.

Diamond stud earring for special occasions

If you seek diamond stud earrings to flaunt on festivities and shine amid a crowd, look for higher carats that shine brilliantly. Anything above 1.5 carats or 6.00 to 9.00 mm with a secure prong setting shall suffice for the day out. Here is one alluring diamond stud earring from our collection to brighten your day.


The 2.10carat solitaire with 6 prong setting shall be a great companion for special events. The round brilliant cut is meant to shine in all conditions and make every occasion brighter for you.

Diamond stud earring for the double piercing

The fashion of double piercing is at its peak, and we can't ignore those when choosing diamond stud earrings. Stud earrings for double piercing should be the ones that are small, cute, and can steal attention instantly. The best way to highlight those second piercings is to use small diamonds 3 mm or lower in size with 3 prong settings for maximum illumination.
The 0.20carat diamond shall beautify your second piercing and also stay snug in the ears. Also, since the earring has a 4 prong setting, the diamond shall shine more.

Diamond stud earring designs

Last but the most crucial element of choosing the right stud earring is to grab the right design. You may be overwhelmed to see multiple diamond stud earrings but we are here to ease the process.

Solitaire diamond stud earring

Solitaire means that there shall be a single diamond in the stud earring. Such stud earrings reflect maximum light and are the favorites for special events. You can choose various cuts according to the face shape. If confused, choose the round cut, as it is most suitable for every shape except the round shape, where you can opt for emerald or princess cut.

Designer diamond stud earring

When unique designs in stud earrings can instantly attract attention, you need to add these to your collection. There are multiple floral designs to steal hearts, and you can flaunt these on all occasions.

Bazel diamond stud earring

Bazel diamond stud earrings provide maximum security as they engulf the diamond from all sides. So if you seek daily wear, stud earrings, choose bazel, and shine while forgetting about the precious possession.

Removable Jackets diamond stud earring

How about buying 2 studs at the price of 1? Removable jackets akin to their name are extra jackets that attach to the earring for a new look. They are fun to play with.

Martini diamond stud earring

Martini 3 prong settings reflect the maximum light. Hence, it is safe to say that the diamonds are the brightest with 3 and 4 prong martini settings.

Halo Solitaire diamond stud earring

The halo stud earring shows an impression of bigger diamonds even when they are small. Traditionally, the round diamond is most used in halo designs as they sparkle the most.

Leverback diamond stud earring

Leverback studs are the most secure ear clasps and are loved by women who choose ornaments for daily use. 


We hope now you can easily find the right size and design for your diamond stud earring. Believe us, you shall never regret purchasing a stud earring and can also never stop at just one. They are the cutest of all earrings and shall compliment you on every occasion.