Diamond Tennis Bracelet Gold

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36 products

 There's some debate over whether a diamond bracelet should be called an "eternity bracelet" or a "tennis bracelet." Since most of us wouldn't really wear our diamond bracelet while playing tennis, the last thing just mentioned is a strange one. It's definitely a more recent term than "eternity bracelet." In fact, it was only in 1987 that "tennis bracelet" became a common term after very skillful tennis player Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during a match. Evert heard it was missing and asked the officials to halt her match until it could be found, which drew a lot of attention to the design. After that, the classic look became more popular than ever, and jewelers could hardly keep up with the demand for these sorts of a piece.

Tennis Bracelet Diamond: The Essential Accessory For Women

So, what exactly is a tennis bracelet? What makes a simple string of diamonds so unique? Basically, this sort of designer bracelet is a flexible thin piece of close-set diamonds strung one after the other and held together with a holding device. No matter what it's called, it's the sort of design that will never go out of style- the kind of jewelry your kids will pass on through the generations. If custom designs are important factors to the women, keep in mind that the tennis bracelet with diamonds is only simple—the diamonds can be studded in a number of different ways, may vary in size and shape, and can be set in rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold. And if diamonds aren't your thing, colored stone versions are just as simple and always-existing. Featuring a total of tennis bracelet 2.00 carat of round brilliant diamonds and finished with a bow-shaped hold adorned with diamonds.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet Yellow Gold

The choice of the right diamond and gold color bracelet depends on the outfit it should go with. A yellow gold and diamond bracelet might go extremely well with a summer style dress. They have a classic, vintage feel to them and look very elegant. Gold complements warm skin tones.

Tennis Bracelet White Gold Diamond

While yellow gold makes the diamonds pop out, white gold forms an awesome synergy with diamonds. This synergy makes it less strong of a fashion statement, which means you can join it with a larger range of dress. Simple and brilliant, this classic tennis bracelet features round brilliant diamonds framed in 14k white gold. Diamond Tennis Bracelet is a classic piece with always-existing charm and sophistication