Diamond Anniversary Rings and Bands

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73 products

Anniversaries are important things that are done in a relationship that should be celebrated as such. They remember the time you've spent with your significant other and the love that you've shared together. Among married couples, wedding rings are steadily replacing more traditional anniversary gifts like handcrafted gifts given for the first year of marriage. Still, many are unsure about which ring they should mark with a designer eternity band, or what ring style they should choose.

Pick Your Designer Diamond Anniversary Rings 

Don’t feel pressured to stick to these rules. If you’re celebrating your first anniversary but your partner doesn’t like gold, choose some other metal and gemstone.

Other gemstone or diamond considerations to make include:

  • How the color will look paired with or next to your partner’s engagement ring and wedding ring

  • Whether or not her particular type of stone or metal fits with your partner’s personal style