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34 products

Buy a Designer Diamond Anniversary Ring for women. Each ring signifying the love that has grown and matured over the years in multiple carat weights and gold color. Marriage Anniversaries are a very significant part of a couple’s life; A day when every couple commemorates one of the most important days of their lives, the day of their wedding. The purpose of the day is more about honoring the bond that has held two people together in a bond of love.

A popular choice among those celebrating their anniversaries- be it first or fiftieth, this Diamond Anniversary Bands embodies the deep love that has kept two people together for all these years through thick and thin!

Buying Designer Anniversary rings for Her Anniversary Gifts diamond bands:

Tradition behind the Diamond Anniversary rings:

An anniversary ring is the embodiment of the celebration of not only a milestone in marriage but also a promise of a new beginning. Anniversary Rings are generally worn along with your wedding rings, stacking one over the other. These bands provide you with an opportunity to celebrate your everlasting love and the years that you have dedicated to each other.

Anniversary rings usually come in the form of a band or in eternity style instead of with a centerpiece like an engagement ring. Even though different patterns of diamond anniversary bands are traditionally connected to different milestone gifts. No fixed rules are there when it comes to your style of an diamond anniversary band for women. The purpose of these rings is to celebrate your unique relationship and should be of your own special style- be it with diamonds, other gemstones or any other metal designs.

Unusually, jewelry as a gift is gifted on the first, fifth, tenth, twenty-fifth, twentieth or fiftieth anniversaries. But, we believe that every relationship milestones on a different level, thus, celebrate when you feel like it! With that being said, following are some tips and guides that may help you pick what is best for you:

Types and Styles Of The Designer Anniversary Bands for Her :

Following are some of the setting choices you can pick from:

● Prong Set:

Prongs on a ring have an important role to play in terms of ring design: their job is to hold the center stone as well as heighten the design. Throughout history, prong styles have been very popular- This pattern is not only functionable but also fashionable. A prong is a tiny metal piece, crafted in such shape that it is responsible for holding the center stone in place.

● Bezel Set:

The Bezel setting provides a secure and fashionable design to your ring. These rings are durable as well as stylish. Unlike the prong setting, which exposes the sides of the stone and is a bit delicate, the bezel setting protects the stone by completely encircling it. This setting is especially appropriate for those with an active lifestyle as it helps the stone be more resilient. It does not snag on any kind of clothing and also keeps the stone intact, protected from loosening or falling out.

Channel Set:

The channel setting in a diamond ring became popular around the years of late 1980s and remained at the peak till about 1990s. It was most beloved because of its perfect clean, modern look that not only gave extra sparkle but also ensured extra protection. In this design, the stones are set side by side in a row separated by walls of metal. The stones are placed alongside one another instead of any prongs or bezels.

Anniversary Rings and Bands for Her : 

There is no other design as popular as the Designer Anniversary Diamond Ring set. Carefully crafted with intricate designs to celebrate the milestones of your togetherness and the journey of your relationship, these rings come in a variety of shapes, designs and sizes. Anyhow, like any other piece of jewelry, especially an anniversary gift, these pieces come with challenges of picking the perfect one and with the most suitable gemstone!

Nevertheless, with our unlimited options for customization, you can leaf-through diamond eternity bands until you find the one that catches your eye as well as fits your budget

By Shape : Be it round, square or emerald shape, these rings are popular in nature. The Designer Anniversary Diamond rings that find their way to a Vogue cover nearly on a daily basis could surely start a trend for bands with such catchy designs.

By Size: In case you are looking for a unique and modern band option, you may wish to go for our Bezel set rings. They come in a wide range of designs all of which look absolutely gorgeous.

By Setting: Each of the settings have their own beauty. Pick the one that works best for you, whether it is a prong or bezel design that you have chosen.

By Metal: Any kind of gold, be it white, rose or yellow- all are appropriate metal options for the designer diamond anniversary rings collection. These rings should however, not have mixed metal colors as the most prominent part of the ring are the series of stones and mixed metal may take away the beauty from it. Our rings come in a variety of white, rose and yellow gold.

Why Choose Diamond Designer Anniversary Rings?

The Designer Diamond Anniversary Ring collection offers an insanely diverse range of options.

● Customization options are almost infinite! You can use any type of stone or design that signifies your unique relationship.

● Again, the variety of designs found here promises to symbolize the special bond shared between you and your partner.