Martini Diamond Stud Earrings

14 products

14 products

A popular earring setting is the martini setting. A martini setting generally has three prongs holding the gem in place. This setting is narrow at the bottom, looking like a martini glass, and allows the gem to sit closer to your earlobe than other settings such as basket settings.

3 prong martini diamond studs

The 3-prong martini (or 4-prong) setting is one of my preferred designs. It is a basic yet evergreen design. More importantly, the 3 prong martini style setting gives a base with good center of gravity. This empowers the solitaire stud to fit cozily against your ear lobe for an incredible presentation.

Our 1 ct Martini Studs feature 14 kt/18 kt white gold,yellow gold three sophisticated prongs, and look absolutely stunning on any ear.We make round diamond stud-settings with three prongs.A classic three-prong martini setting lets the most light into the diamond.