Right Hand Diamond Rings

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41 products

One of the reasons why we should never stop liking and respecting women is their continuous fight for treating men and women equally in this complex world. Their unstoppable will and bravery are shown in so many ways, even with the jewelry they wear. That is right, women have found a symbolic voice of independence by wearing right-hand rings, known as the general way things are going that stands for female power.

What are right hand rings?

In the simplest terms, they are defined as rings worn on the right hand. Therefore, they are not carefully thought about wedding rings, as they do not carry that particular love meaning. However, a right-hand ring can show graduation, promotion, purchase of property and other personal things that were completed.

In the past, right-hand rings were commonly referred to as "cocktail rings", because of their taking up a lot of space for its weight, multi-stone designs. Women started wearing them as special rings on the right hand, in order to distinguish them from their bridal ring set jewelry, which is usually worn on the left hand in most cultures.

Right Hand Rings White Gold

There is no doubt that white gold is a magnificent choice for right hand rings; according to some, the color accentuates the diamonds giving them even better appeal. The rings look elegant and luxurious. And, the alloys that are added to white gold make it hard and durable and scratch resistant.  

Right Hand Rings Yellow Gold

While we regularly consider of yellow gold as being pure, the yellow gold used for rings is an alloy made by combining pure gold with metals such as zinc and copper. Similarly as with other gold colors, the higher the karat amount, the higher the actual gold content, but the less durable the piece of jewelry is. Therefore, 18K or 14K gold is used for right hand rings. This gives them a brilliant golden color while helping them to stand up against the demands of regular wear.