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21 products

About Diamond Right Hand Ring

Buy a Right Hand Stone engagement ring for women. Big beautiful rings for strong, independent women, celebrating significant milestones of their lives, multiple carat weights and gold. When it comes to giving ourselves credit, we women often end up neglecting it, falling behind the shadows of others. We forget how important it is to give us love before going after other people. This is exactly what the purpose of a Diamond Right Hand Ring is: to celebrate women. They are deliberately worn in the right hand as a way of not confusing it with a wedding ring on right hand. Their purchase often marks a significant moment in their lives, be it a birthday or a promotion at work!

The most fun part about these rings however, is the fact that they do not have any rules. Many women opt for classic solitaire diamond rings whereas others have a more flamboyant choice of a cocktail ring with a heavy design and often, their birthstone.

History of the Right Hand Diamond Rings:

If you are a buyer looking for our Right Hand Stone Diamond Ring collection, you may as well know a bit about the history and tradition associated with it! Set with bold patterns and colorful gemstones, these rings are statement jewelries worn on the right hand. Also known as cocktail rings, the main purpose of wearing this type of ring on the right hand, is to avoid confusing it with an engagement or wedding band.

The trend of Cocktail Rings first came up in America, about a century ago as an act of protest against the Prohibition. Frequently proclaimed as the ‘Jazz Age’, the 1920s witnessed the strange clash between prewar nostalgic traditions with the dynamic dramatic sociopolitical changes. Women, having recently gained their rights, began flaunting their independence with these extravagant rings which they bought with their own money.

During the 1950s and 60s however, they became a statement accessory for women heading to a cocktail party or night opera. In the late 60s and 70s though, it went slightly out of fashion, only to come back even stronger in the 80s as women began wearing even bigger and bolder rings not only during the night but the day as well!

A must-have for women all around, make sure to raise a toast, in memory of the 1920s that made this beloved accessory a glamorous staple.

Types and Styles Of The Right Hand Diamond Rings:

The most common Right Hand ring styles include a heavy chunky design with multiple gemstones, varying in size.

Most of the Right Hand Rings have a collection of gemstones band of 14 kt gold (yellow, white or rose). It can also be customized as per your birthstone, if you will. The rings are bound to give you an edge and add a classy 1920s rebel vibe to your outfit.

Its huge chunky design makes it a statement piece adding a very flamboyant vibe to your outfit and giving you a deliciously rebellious edge.

Typically these stones are intended to all have the same shape, and it is possible to combine various forms as well as different gemstones into a single piece. Here’s a guide to our classic patterns, from which you can pick a design suitable not only for your style but also your budget!

Diamond Right Hand Rings Settings:

    ●     Prong Set:

The most popular of all designs, the prong setting is what has remained at the top despite all criticisms. The design holds the stones up and gives it an added sparkle. The prong set is generally a small piece of metal responsible to hold the center stone or a series of stones with the same structure. However, the setting exposes the sides of the stone, which at times makes it a bit less durable. Nevertheless, it still remains a beloved choice for those looking for their signature look.

     ●   Pave Setting:

The Pave Setting is the one that features tiny gemstones at the band of the ring. Its name in French literally translates to ‘paved’, after which it was named as the technique resembles a cobblestone or paved street. This type of setting is perfect if you want to opt for a design with optimal sparkle; The design effortlessly adds an extra amount of sparkle without ever taking the light off of the center stone. It gives the ring an artistic touch that is bold as well as beautiful.

●      Bezel Setting:

A Bezel Setting is one among the safer options for a ring. This setting provides the stone utmost protection by hiding the blemishes and inclusion on the sides of the stone. If well designed, it even at times makes the stone seem bigger than it actually is. It not only adds a modern and sleek look to your style but is also perfect for those with an active lifestyle, as they require minimum maintenance. These, unlike a prong setting, neither require regular clean up nor do they snag fabrics!

Diamond Right Hand Wedding Ring:

There are hardly any other rings as popular as the Right Hand Ring! The heavy design and colorful stones, after all, gives your outfit a flamboyance like no one else.

No matter how you choose to wear it, the Right Hand Ring is just the perfect excuse to indulge yourself in some breath-taking jewelry, made just for you!

Anyhow, like any other piece, this too comes with its own challenges. Picking the perfect ring to match your persona might be difficult. Which is why, we have provided below a brief overview of your possible options to help you select the one that suits you best! Beyond this, we also provide an insane variety of customization.

By Shape: Big shapes, such as, squares or rectangles or one with a big central stone is the highlight of these pieces. Their eye-catching designs make them a staple choice even for the Vogue cover!

By Size: It is a perfect opportunity to buy the Right Hand Ring set if you are looking for a unique as well as modern kind of piece.

By Setting: When it comes to the setting, you can blindly pick whichever you feel like. All of them are quite durable and unique as well as elegant, be it a bezel or prong or pave!

By Metal: White, rose or yellow- any kind of gold is perfectly suitable for these rings. The metal work will heighten the beauty of the stone-work itself.

Why Choose Right Hand Diamond Rings?

The Right Hand Diamond fashion rings offer an insanely varied options.

●     Options for customization are endless! These rings are genuinely chunky in nature. So, pick whichever design that deems suitable, and we will make that happen for you.

●     Again, these rings are not anti-marriage, just a celebration of you, as a person. These rings are all about prioritizing your achievements and celebrating your unsung victories.