Three Stone Engagement Ring

79 products

79 products

Also known as “trinity,” or “trio” rings, three stone engagement rings have become a popular choice over last few years. In addition to their beauty, they give you a little extra bling on your ring! Explore our timeless collection of romantic three stone engagement rings and you’ll surely agree that good things come in threes.

The symbolism of a three stone round diamond  ring

Three stone rings celebrate your love story's past, present, and future. This bright style draws attention to the main gem and makes it look even more impressive. With the two smaller gems complementing the larger center stone, the ring gains immediate depth. With three main stones, there are still many other factors to think about for your ring.

Couples thinking about a three stone engagement ring might want to consider their preferred colors and gemstones. What kind of diamond do you want? Would you prefer a colored diamond? With three stones it is also possible to add in your favorite color or your birthstone into the design of the solitaire round diamond engagement ring. With three stones your choices are increased and varied.You might also want to think about the colors of the metals in your setting. Three stone rings shine in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and even platinum. Upgrade your ring with a two-tone look for added dimension.

Three stone diamond ring in yellow gold and white gold

Metals such as white gold, silver and platinum gives a unique modern flavor when used for making three stones diamond rings. Rose and yellow gold are more suitable for those who have a passion for traditional jewelry. A three stone diamond ring created in a unique style looks quite romantic regardless of whether the ring is a three stone ring studded with diamonds or a large-sized Victorian diamond ring with three center stones.