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104 products

Buying Designer Diamond Eternity Rings for Jewelry Gifts:

Buy a Designer Eternity Ring for women. Each ring promises the undying love that gives a couple the strength to continue and grow in multiple carat weights and gold color. Events like anniversaries or any other milestone holds much significance in a marriage. An Eternity Ring is just as important as an engagement ring as it just as much promises commitment and love. Eternity Wedding Bands, for many years have symbolized the circle of life, which is why it is also given as a token of love upon the birth of one's first born. A popular choice among those celebrating a milestone in their relationship- be it the birth of their first born or fiftieth anniversary, this Diamond Designer Eternity Ring embodies the undying eternal love which, no matter what, has kept two people together.

History behind the Diamond Eternity Ring:

The history of Eternity Bands can be traced back to 4000 years when in ancient Egypt these rings used to be given by husbands to their wives as a token of their love. One of the earliest examples of an eternity ring gold looked somewhat similar to a snake trying to consume its own tail. This design was quite common among the ancient Egyptians as the design symbolizes eternity. These rings were commonly called ‘ouroboros’. These ouroboros are still sold but a more traditional eternity ring gold is mostly a band designed with precious gemstones, most popularly diamond.

 Natural Diamond Band Eternity rings usually come in the form of a band or in eternity style instead of with a centerpiece like an engagement ring. Even though different patterns of Eternity bands are traditionally connected to different milestone gifts. No fixed rules are there when it comes to your style of an Eternity band. The purpose of these rings is to celebrate your special moments in your relationship and it must be of your own unique style- be it diamonds, other gemstones or any other design of metal.

Usually, jewelry as a gift is generally gifted upon reaching a milestone in your relationship. It can be the birth of your first born or your first anniversary. All relationships have their unique milestones, however, buy one whenever you wish to. With that being said, following are some tips and guides that may help you pick what is best for you:

 Types and Styles Of The Designer Eternity Band for women :

●     Prong Set:

The prong set design is one which is quite popular and has an important role to play in the design as well. What the design does is not only hold the stone but also highlight the design. Prong style rings have been a popular choice for a very long time as it brings together the best of fashion and function. In the design, a prong is a small piece of metal which is responsible to hold the stone, usually the center stone in place.

●     Bezel Set:

As compared to the prong set, the Bezel setting is a safer option. It provides fashion as well as security. Unlike the prong setting, which is designed to expose the sides of the stone and may be a bit delicate, this setting gives the stone 100% protection by encircling it completely. It provides style along with durability. It is most suitable for people with an active lifestyle, who are always on the run. This design will make the stone more resilient and save you the time of extra maintenance.

●     Channel Set:

The channel setting is a style that gained popularity sometime around the years of late 1980s, remaining at the height of its popularity till about the 1990s. It's perfectly clean modern look is what made it a beloved choice. It has such a design where the stones are placed side by side in a row which are separated by tiny metal walls. The secure design ensures extra protection and an added sparkle. The stones are set in a row instead of any prong or bezel.

Vintage Art deco Eternity Band :

One of our most popular designs is the Designer Eternity Diamond Ring set. Created with intricate designs, this set is craftsmanship at its finest. An Eternity Wedding Band is the embodiment of the celebration of not only a milestone in your relationship but also a promise to remain at each other's side no matter what. The eternity bands for women usually are worn along with wedding rings, stacking one over the other. These rings serve you with a chance to celebrate your forever kind of love and all the years that are about to come. The rings come in a wide variety of shapes and designs to pick from. Know what is best suited for you with this guide given below!

Nevertheless, with our unlimited options for customization, you can leaf-through diamond anniversary rings until you find the one that catches your eye as well as fits your budget!

By Shape: These rings are so beautiful that their popularity go beyond their shape. Keeping the purpose in mind, the basic structure of these is a band of gemstones set alongside each other. There are rings available with decorations made along with the band, which are equally gorgeous.

By Size: Almost all our rings are available in every shape and size that will not only fit your stylish imagination but also your budget.

By Setting: Be it prong, bezel or channel,or even a combination of two, each of those have their own uniqueness. Pick the one that seems most suitable for you and in case you want a fashionable yet durable design, you may go for the bezel settings.

By Metal: These rings are primarily designed on different kinds of gold such as, white, yellow and rose. All of these are suitable metal options for the Eternal Diamond Ring collection.

Why Choose Diamond Designer Eternity Rings?

 The Designer Eternity Ring collection offers an insanely diverse range of options.

 ●    Customization options at our store for the diamond band eternity rings are nearly endless! Pick any design or gemstone that suits you and we will create that for you.

●     Our designs come in every possible combination- be it different kinds of gemstones, or metals or design settings. Pick the one that defines your unique milestone and relationship.

●     Again, Eternity Rings are symbols of ever-lasting love and commitment. The stones used for the ring are a continuous chain of identical gemstones. Thus, celebrate your love with our gorgeous range of designs.