Eternity Band as Engagement Ring

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128 products

Nothing says 'I'm in this for the long time like presenting your loved-one with an eternity ring. These days, couples give each other these rings for all kinds of romantic reasons, but have you ever wondered who started the whole thing and why we wear them on our wedding ring finger?

Eternity Band Promise Ring

There are many reasons why a designer diamond eternity ring may be given maybe as a (yearly recognition or celebration) present or a full of celebration gift to mark a special moment in a relationship such as the birth of a child. Eternity rings are usually made up of a band of gold metal set with a continuous line of identically cut diamonds or gemstones to show never ending love.

Eternity rings today still come in half or full-eternity options, featuring diamonds usually set in gold. They can feature any gemstone of choice, the most popular stone, unsurprisingly, is the diamond. With their incredible strength and durability, diamonds have, for centuries, symbolized fidelity and friendship. And,  they are the most precious stone, so no surprises they top the list when it comes to romantic gestures. But diamonds are also said to represent the future, acting as a promise of an never ending life of closeness together. When set in an eternity ring, this message is amplified encircling the finger in a never-ending band of meaning.