Forever Us Two Stone Rings

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42 products

Buy a Forever us Two Stone engagement ring for women. Two stones signifying the depth of your relationship that starts with friendship with multiple carat weights and gold.

The first step of every relationship is friendship! It is of utmost importance to make the person you are to spend your whole life with, your best friend. This is what the Forever us 2 stone engagement ring signifies.  

A popular choice among those planning to marry, this Forever us Two stone wedding ring embodies the deep love that begins in friendship. It is very important for the love to blossom for it to begin with friendship.

History of the Forever us Two stone Diamond engagement rings:

If you are a buyer looking for our Forever us Diamond ring collection, you may as well know a bit about the history of it!

The Forever us 2 stone Diamond ring has always been an expensive and essential jewelry in the making. Dating back to the Georgian era (1714-1830), the forever us two stone rings was something Napoleon Bonaparte had used to propose to Josephine de Beauharnais. The design regained their popularity in recent years when celebrities started to announce their engagement with one of these!

Also known as the Toi et Moi rings, which is French for you and me, its design features two gems places next to each other symbolizing not only the union of two souls into matrimony but also the different phases of a relationship: One stone for the best friend you started off with, while the other stands for the friend you chose to spend your life with.  

Thus, the Toi et Moi rings, as they are fondly referred to, are filled with romantic symbolism. The Forever us typically represent the coming together of two halves that make up a couple as well as the love and friendship that makes their relationship stronger.

Types and Styles Of Forever Us Two Stone Diamond Rings:

The most common Forever us engagement ring styles include two round diamonds, varying in size. Most of the Forever us Two stone engagement rings have two equally sized diamonds nestled side by side, tied together in a band of 18kt gold (yellow, white or rose). 

The two equally sized diamonds tied together represent the beautiful bond of two people in love, making a balanced appearance. 

Typically these stones are intended to all have the same shape, and it is possible to combine various forms as well as different gemstones into a single piece.

Following are some of your choices you can pick from:

●     Princess Cut Diamonds

Since their introduction in the 1960s, princess cut diamonds have rapidly risen to the top of the list among those who value genuinely brilliant, intricate diamond design. The Princess cut became popular as a representation of the love and companionship shared by two people. The persuasion of our princess cut engagement ring collection begins while dreaming about the perfect fairy tale proposal by their true love with these stunning Two stone rings.

●     Cushion Cut Diamonds

Among the most popular designs are engagement rings with cushion cut diamonds. Today's Cushion Set Diamond can also be referred to as cushion brilliant cut diamond, as they carry patterns of both the old cushion cut set while having the added features of our most popular shape of all - the round brilliant cut. This cut generally has a squarish rectangular outline that includes rounded or pointy corners. There are two possible aesthetics for a cushion-cut diamond: chunky or “crushed ice.” The decision as to which cushion-cut diamond is more beautiful rests with the beholder.

●     Round Brilliant Diamonds

The stunning duo of round diamonds in a two stone round diamond ring mirrors the elegant contours of each other with perfectly round shapes. Each of the stones are set in such a manner that enables them to perfectly catch and reflect the light. The rings promise fire and excellence from every possible angle. Intricate radiance of diamonds is what encircles them in a frame.

Forever us ring

There is no other design as popular as the forever us 2 stone diamond rings design. The two stones, after all, signifying the union of two halves that make up a couple, adds to the beauty of a friendship turned into love.

However, like any other jewelry or especially, a diamond unique engagement ring, this piece comes with its challenges of picking the perfect piece or the most suitable gemstone! 

Nevertheless, with our boundless customization options, you can leaf-through our collections until you find the one that catches your eye as well as fits your budget!

By Shape: Square, round or emerald shapes are more popular as they go well with each other. The Forever us rings that make it to vogue cover almost on a daily basis are sure to start a trend for rings with this eye-catching design.

By Size: If looking for a modern and unique ring option, you may want to think about a Two stone ring with identical sized and weighted diamonds that are either set in a more informal arrangement.

By Setting: In order to enhance their connection, both the diamonds should be set in the same style of setting, whether it is a prong or bezel design that you have chosen.

By Metal: Any kind of gold, be it white, rose or yellow- all are appropriate metal options for the two stone diamond rings. These rings should however, not have mixed metal colors as the most prominent part of the ring are the two stones and a metal mixture take away from the beauty of it.  

The Two stone ring offers an insanely diverse range of options.

●     Customization options are almost limitless! You can use two stones of different kinds to signify different things.

●     Again, the symbolism of the two stones as the two halves creating one whole as well as friendship and love intertwined in a single relationship, is what makes it special.