Anniversary Ring for Her Ideas - Three Stone or Eternity

Anniversary Ring for Her Ideas - Three Stone or Eternity

There is never a dull moment in life if you have the perfect partner by your side. She can light up each gloomy day with her bright smile and make life easier to live. Till now, you have already shown her affection through cooking, traveling, and buying ample gifts for her. But now that your anniversary is close, the gift has to be unique. It must be precious and something that she can be proud of. Yes, we are talking about rings, precisely diamond rings, because nothing seems to surpass the beauty of a diamond anniversary ring to mark your special occasion.

If you think choosing the best diamond anniversary ring for her will be a mammoth task, you are at the right place. The article focuses on the anniversary ring ideas for her. By the end of this article, you shall be able to decide what to choose for your sweetheart.

Why should you choose diamonds for anniversary rings?

There is a lot said and written about various metals and gems as gifts for different anniversaries. However, a diamond is a jewel that surpasses all the rules. Be it your 1st or 50th anniversary, a diamond ring shall take center stage and manage to mesmerize your love.


It's the hardest gem on earth and does not deteriorate with environmental changes. That means a diamond shall stay as good as new for a long time.


Let's also not forget the perfect sparkle of a diamond. You might be in the middle of a crowd. Still, that diamond ring shall shine like a star on your finger.


One of the crucial reasons for the exorbitant diamond ring prices is its rareness. A rough estimate states that more than 250 tonnes of ore is required for 1 carat of unpolished diamond.


Diamonds are rare, sparkly, and a beauty to the eyes. All these properties make it a precious metal, and owning one is an asset. When your anniversary gift for her is a beautiful diamond ring, you profuse your love along with unlimited care.

Eternity or three-stone diamond ring- Which one to choose as an anniversary ring for her

There are diverse diamond anniversary rings, but the luster of eternity and three-stone rings is unparalleled. Most people are often confused about their purchase due to the charm and significance of the eternity and three-stone diamond rings.

We suggest, get the best of both. But it may not be practical, and also you need to choose a special one for your partner. So here is a guide that takes you through eternity and three-stone diamond rings, explaining each of them. We believe you shall have determined which anniversary diamond ring to purchase for your love by the end of this article.

Eternity anniversary rings for her


What are eternity anniversary rings for her?

Eternity means never-ending. The eternity anniversary rings also is a continual rendering of diamonds throughout the surface. There shall be an endless sparkle on her finger with the eternity anniversary ring.

What is the significance of the eternity anniversary ring for her?

As the name suggests, an eternity ring is a promise of lifelong commitment. You promise your love that you shall stay by her side through thick and thin. There is nothing better than an eternity ring to express your boundless love towards her. Through those never-ending diamonds, you profuse your eternal love and remind her that it's forever.

What are the types of eternity anniversary rings for her?

There are 3 types of eternity rings according to the number of diamonds and their settings.

Full eternity anniversary rings

These rings have diamonds throughout their surface. Hence, they provide maximum sparkle. Due to more number of diamonds, eternity anniversary rings are costlier. However, if there is a miscalculation in ring size, it may be difficult to resize.

Three-fourth eternity anniversary rings

In these rings, there are diamonds studded on the 3/4th surface. The rest is left blank. There is still a lot of sparkle in these eternity rings, and they are also easier to resize.

Half eternity anniversary rings

Diamonds cover a half portion of these rings, and the rest of the metal stays unadulterated. Due to lesser diamonds, these rings are pretty budget-friendly and do not compromise on sparkle. Another pro of having the half eternity ring as an anniversary ring is that one can resize it.

How to choose metals for the eternity anniversary rings?

Every jewelry you come across has a suitable metal that enhances its sheen. However, eternity rings are unique as they have the stand apart even with the dullest metals.

One can choose between platinum and colors of gold for your eternity ring. Rose, white and yellow gold shall all complement your diamonds and become an enticing possession for her.

Despite the unarguable allure of eternity anniversary rings, some users feel yellow gold can diminish the sparkle of your diamond. If you feel the same, choose white or rose gold to encrust the eternity anniversary ring.

Eternity Anniversary Rings for Her

If you want to commemorate your chaste love to her, eternity anniversary rings shall convey your thoughts. You have to pick the right one.

Since we have promised to help you in the quest for the right eternity anniversary ring for her, here are some of the best options.

14K White Gold Stackable Eternity Anniversary Ring

If she is a ring lover, who loves to adorn multiple of them simultaneously, stackable rings are a perfect gift. Our eternity anniversary ring for her flaunts multiple round cut diamonds in a prong setting, making it an ideal choice for daily wear.

The unique design of this ring is enhanced by the 14K white gold that has an unsurpassable sheen.

14K Rose Gold Stackable Eternity Anniversary Ring

Rose gold renders a modern touch to all your jewelry. Choosing this metal for your eternity anniversary ring offers her a unique yet modernized representation of fashion. She shall surely grab some attention when wearing your gift.

The natural diamonds used in this ring are devoid of any inclusion and are worthy of all the amount spent to purchase them. But the usage of rose gold shall make it affordable for you.

Designer Crown Eternity Anniversary Ring

Here is a crown for your queen. She shall love it at first sight and behold the eternity ring with utter care and caress. The ring is decorated with multiple natural diamonds of all sizes. These accentuate the ring and make it look rare and expensive.

The prong and bezel setting secure the diamonds well, and she can flaunt it for any occasion without the fear of losing.

Double Row Eternity Anniversary Ring

Manifold her joy a zillion times with a double row of diamonds. With this fascinating eternity ring as an anniversary gift to her, you shall provide her with an antique designer ring for her collection. She shall love the look and feel of it.

The eternity anniversary ring uses round-cut natural diamonds that sparkle to captivate every breath. Its prong settings are done in a way to maximize the shine and also keep the diamonds secure.

Three stone Anniversary Rings for her

What are Three-stone anniversary rings?

You can easily identify a three-stone ring by the number of diamonds encrusted on it. As the name suggests, a three-stone diamond ring is encrusted with 3 diamonds on the ring's crown. Also known as a trinity, trilogy or trio ring, the three-stone anniversary rings are unique and extremely attractive. Diamond carats and the metal you chose can also make the three-stone anniversary ring an affordable option.

What is the significance of Three-stone anniversary rings?

Similar to the eternity ring, the three-stone ring also depicts a deep romantic meaning. The three diamonds represent past, present, and future. It conveys the everlasting relationship and a hidden promise to provide endless support.

What are the types of Three-stone anniversary rings?

Three-stone anniversary rings for her are also of 3 types depending on the size of diamonds.

Classic Three-stone anniversary rings

The classic three-stone ring compiles one huge diamond, and the other two on the sides are smaller.

Two graduating diamond three-stone anniversary rings

In this unique three-stone ring, all three diamonds are of different sizes. The setting is in a graduating manner by size.

Twin diamond Three-stone anniversary rings

All three diamonds are of the same size, color, and carat in a twin diamond three-stone anniversary ring.

How to choose metal for a Three-stone anniversary ring?

Jewelers prefer all the colors of gold for the three-stone anniversary ring. Since the major portion of these rings comprises diamonds, the color of metals does not matter a lot.

However, jewelers prefer a single colored metal and avoid mixed ones for the three-stone. The reason is, multiple colors may diminish the sparkle and brilliance of the diamonds.

Three-stone Anniversary Rings for her

If you have made your mind to declare your commitment, trust, and never-ending love through three-stone diamond rings, we have unlocked our collection.

Have a look at our finest designs, and choose the one that can define your pure love towards her.

Designer White gold Three-stone anniversary ring

If she is a jewelry junkie and loves to wear jewelry that makes a mark, this beauty is created for her. The classic three-stone diamond is gifted with the presence of multiple other tiny droplets of gems to multiply its brilliance.

Tell her not to worry about its safety as we have employed a prong setting to secure the diamond and keep it blemish-free.

Minimalist solid gold Three-stone anniversary ring

The classic three-stone crusted in a spotless base of white gold is a dream of every minimalist fashion aspirant. If she believes in the policy of "less is more," this minimalist three-stone ring is for her.

The brilliant round cut and unique bezel setting shall make it apart from all other minimalist jewelry she owns. Also, the ring shall continuously profuse your love towards her.

Classic Three-stone anniversary ring in Prong & Channel

If you plan to throw a huge anniversary party and go down your knees to propose to her once again, take this bewitching three-stone ring. She shall feel like a queen, and her heart will swell with pride, happiness, and love for you.

There are three charming diamonds to steal the show, and the road is set with tiny stars shining on the crown of this ring. The delicate prong and channel setting is bound to enhance the sparkle multifold.

Twin Three-stone anniversary ring

Does she always look for a mid-way when it comes to accessorizing? Here is our three-stone anniversary ring that's neither minimalist nor exorbitant. But it's just right for your diva.

The three large stones are of the same size, and the ring also has four tiny diamonds to enhance the brilliance. Its prong setting secures it and safeguards your diamonds to flaunt even in a crowd carelessly.


Both eternity and three-stone anniversary rings have specific significance, and they can convey your love better than words. So why waste the opportunity? Invest in a design, and we bet she shall be thrilled to have a ring to commemorate the anniversary and profuse your boundless love.