Halo Diamond Earrings Studs

13 products

13 products

Diamond halo solitaire stud earrings for women are not less than a delight. Their fantasy for a diamond can be well followed in their bucket list of shopping for jewellery. Whether a gift from a father or a sign of respect and love from the (husband or wife), women's never-ending love for diamonds cannot be put into simple words. A diamond is a symbol of commitment. Just like relationships are unbreakable so are diamonds that well look like the strong bonding of never-ending relationships

Halo Stud Diamond Earring

A halo around a diamond stud can give the image that the diamond is bigger and if the halo is designed properly, it can make a diamond stud look a lot nicer. My two favorite halo diamond stud earring options are a round halo and a cushion halo. The traditional halo diamond stud designer earring is a round halo. Customers love the sparkle and brilliance of a round brilliant cut diamond but, want a different shape halo. 

Diamond Halo Stud Earrings In White Gold

Stunning in their simplicity, the classic feel of our Round cut diamond halo studs make them the perfect gift for anyone. Because they feature premium diamonds in white gold, they are fabulously easy to pair with any dress. And since they are our most popular item of jewelry, we know for sure they will make your loved one smile.