Which is the Best Diamond Wedding Band?

Which is the Best Diamond Wedding Band?

The wedding band is not just a circular ring. It represents the union of love, dedication, and life-long partnership. The wedding band has an intense significance in a relationship, and its glorifying history is living proof of that.

The belief that there's a vein that connects our ring finger to the heart and that putting on metal can enhance our feelings led to this tradition. Presently, gifting a wedding ring to your spouse is a pivotal ceremony for most weddings. The Romans dubbed it "Vena Amaris," which translates to "Love's Vein."

In this blog, we bring you the chronicles of the wedding ring and also showcase some enticing designs for your big day.

Diamond Wedding band

For years, the human race has searched for the apt piece of jewelry that shall signify the bond between couples. With the discovery of diamonds, it became an emblem of love. Diamonds receive brilliance under extreme pressure and are the purest of all materials. Hence, choosing a diamond to signify life-long relationships is now a norm.

The popularity of the diamond wedding band grew. Diamond, the hardest and most valuable substance on the planet, became a family heritage passed down from generation to generation. Engagement diamond bands are extremely popular today all around the world. Today's couples select a meaningful brand for both the bride and groom and express their eternal love and commitment.

Significance of the Circular shape in diamond wedding band

The shape of wedding bands is circular. While this makes intuitive sense because your fingers are round, the circle has a deeper meaning. Infinite love and an everlasting marriage are symbolized by circles, which have neither beginning nor end.

The fourth finger in the left hand is historically and virtually always adorned with diamond wedding bands. This is because Greek and Roman people believed that the vein in this particular finger connected directly to the heart thousands of years ago. This symbolism is still something couples choose to hold on to because of its romantic significance.

Wedding band vs. Engagement ring

While looking for the ideal engagement ring, don't forget to think about the perfect wedding band. The two will be worn together, and while the wedding band isn't as well-known as the engagement ring, it is just as vital. Wedding bands and engagement rings are not only visually distinct but also have different symbolic meanings. An engagement ring is presented as a symbol of commitment during the proposal, but a wedding band symbolizes the wedding day.

Side stones or accent stones generally accompany the main stone in a ring. As a result, the design is eye-catching and frequently steals the show in a wedding set. A ring and a wedding band are combined to produce a wedding set.

While engagement rings are the more visible ring in a wedding set, this does not imply that they are more important. Both rings are equally significant when articulating a complete wedding set and should be chosen carefully based on design and price. It will be as rewarding as it is stunning when you eventually find the ideal match.

Band color options you can consider buying

Using high-quality diamonds as the foundation for the ring of your dreams to include a piece of history in your proposal or wedding ceremony. Are you undecided about the color of your wedding band? Take a look at these attractive alternatives for supporting a central diamond.

Gold Wedding bands

Gold wedding rings, a timeless classic that will never go out of style, are having a moment in 2022. It's no surprise that gold wedding bands are expected to be particularly popular among newlyweds this year. The gleaming warm glow of gold wedding rings will always be our favorite. It's a beautiful setting for dazzling white diamonds.

White wedding bands

For many years, jewelers have debated whether or not a wedding band "must" be white. Silver, platinum, and palladium are the whitest metals that occur naturally. On the other hand, white gold comes in a variety of shades of "white," ranging from a brighter white with little yellow to a white that leans toward beige. The essential point is that white metals found in nature have the same "whiteness." White wedding bands with diamonds can provide a dazzling shine to the design.

Rose gold wedding bands

Due to its rich underlying symbolism, rose gold is becoming an increasingly popular metal type for wedding bands. Rose gold is considered to signify love, whereas white gold is said to represent friendship, and yellow gold is said to represent loyalty. Because of their lovely pink tone, they are indeed eye-catching. You can be confident that this colored metal will complement any color or shape diamond you choose and a wide range of other gemstones.

Things to consider while purchasing your wedding band

Eye for details

Many factors, like budget, style, and metal, will impact your selection when selecting your wedding ring. You should first discuss your budget, as well as the type and style of ring you desire, and then proceed from there.


Determine a wedding band's quality

You and your future spouse will wear your wedding bands for the rest of your lives. Make sure they're built of high-quality materials to ensure they last a long time. You can experiment with metals such as gold, platinum, tungsten, etc. However, make sure you choose a reliable jeweler who used certified metals and gems to create a beautiful yet strong wedding ring for you.


Choose the best diamond wedding band from us

Are you still confused about the diamond wedding band to seal the deal for your lifelong partnership? We are here to sought out things for you. Here are the best diamond wedding bands that shall add sparkle to your special day and thereon. Take a look-


14K Gold Petite Diamond Ring

wedding band

On a budget?

We understand planning a wedding isn't easy. And a diamond wedding band shall certainly topple your budget. But here comes a pleasant surprise from us.

We gladly present a mesmerizing diamond wedding band that shall stay well in your budget. 12 cute diamonds of 0.25 carats, each encrusted onto a gold band, shall elevate your wedding look without burning the pockets.

You can experiment with white, yellow, or rose gold to suit your wedding trousseau. Also, a little secret, this diamond band shall be an excellent choice for your engagement if you opt for something else for the wedding.

Though this diamond wedding band is priced at $662, you can always grab it at a fantastic discount.


Number of diamonds- 12

Carat- 0.25

Cut- Round Brilliant Ideal Cut

Color- G - H

Clarity- I1

Setting- Prong Setting

Designer Wedding Band

 wedding band

Yearning for the perfect blend of vintage and modern?

We've got you sorted with our designer diamond wedding band at affordable prices. Does the term affordable make you think it's another simple diamond wedding band?

Well, the first look at this diamond wedding band will get you flabbergasted. The regal queen crown design encapsulating 16 diamonds, 0.2 carat is a sight to behold. Adding to this diamond wedding band's charm is its natural origin.

The diamond wedding ring is available in 3 colors of gold. Coupled with diamonds' G-H color, this ring provides a brilliant sparkle. Its prong setting ensures the diamonds stay put and let you enjoy without a worry.

As we said, this one is another budget-friendly option for a diamond wedding band. Priced at $280, you can always grab this wedding band at discounted prices.


Number of diamonds- 16

Carat- 0.20

Cut- Round Brilliant Ideal Cut

Color- G - H

Clarity- I1

Setting- Prong Setting

Fashion Wedding band with natural round diamond

Want a ring that resembles your infinite love?

The significance of infinity symbol is pivotal in relationships that are meant to last. How about wearing an infinity diamond wedding band, the right testimony of your infinite love.

Built with enticing 44 diamonds and 0.50 carats, this diamond wedding band is sure to attract attention. As you experiment amongst the colors of gold and choose the one most suitable for your big day, the wedding band will keep increasing the love you behold.

The round brilliant cut ensures maximum sparkle, and the prong setting will keep the diamonds in place. This infinity diamond wedding band with excellent clarity shall be the star of your wedding day.

Though priced at $1323, you can easily grab this mesmerizing diamond wedding band at high discounts


Number of diamonds- 44

Carat- 0.50

Cut- Round Brilliant Ideal Cut

Color- G - H

Clarity- I1

Setting- Prong Setting


Spiral Wedding Band with Natural Diamonds

spiral wedding band

Wish to break free from the mundane diamond wedding band design?

The conventional diamond wedding band is a sleek band with diamonds studded onto it. How about introducing a tweak to this mundane ring with a spiral design?

Enchanted with the richness of 66 diamonds and 0.60 carats, the wedding band is incredibly unique and the best fit for your special day. Complementing your dress with different gold colors and the vibrance of diamonds, this wedding band shall be the statement jewelry on the big day.

The sturdy hold of the prong setting keeps the diamonds in place and the round brilliant cut offers exceptional sparkle. The diamond color varies from G-H, which is considered almost colorless, rendering a wedding band perfection.

Though priced at a whopping $2100, this ring is always available at excellent discounts, and you may fetch it at roughly $600. So why wait? Grab it when it's at this affordable rate.


Number of diamonds- 66

Carat- 0.60

Cut- Round Brilliant Ideal Cut

Color- G - H

Clarity- I1

Setting- Prong Setting


Designer Wedding Band with Natual Diamonds

Why settle for 1 diamond when you can have 37?

The solitaire wedding band is a treat to the eyes, but how about filling the same space with gorgeous 37 diamonds and witnessing a sparkle like never before?

This is your traditional diamond band encrusted with 37 diamonds of 0.35 carat on the crown. It's available in all the different versions, i.e., rose, yellow and white gold, to choose the one most suited to the theme of your big day.

The captivating beauty of natural earth mined diamonds and gold elevates this wedding band's look. The clarity of SI1 - SI2 coupled with G-H color delivers the excellent brilliance of this diamond wedding band.

The diamond wedding band is priced at $1200 and is available at hefty discounts. Grab it now when it looks great on your finger and the pocket.


Number of diamonds- 66

Carat- 0.35

Cut- Round Brilliant Ideal Cut

Color- G - H

Clarity- SI1 - SI2

Setting- Prong Setting


Wedding bands are symbols of your commitment, and exchanging them on the day of your wedding is an unforgettable experience. Keep that moment in mind when the options get overwhelming or jumbled up in your thoughts. Match the style and personality of your special someone for a gorgeous, timeless wedding ring. Choose us to help.