Best Diamond Lever Back Earrings: How Much Does it Cost?

Best Diamond Lever Back Earrings: How Much Does it Cost?

We adore our earrings to an immeasurable extent. However, when wearing our favorite and the pricey ones, the fear of losing exists. How about we say that there is a type of earring that is top-notch in terms of fashion and you can never lose it too?

We are talking about stylish, fashion-forward lever back earrings. There are so many unique designs in these snugly fitting earrings that we can't just have one. You will need to stock up for numerous occasions and break the dance floor without worrying about losing the earring.

Lever back earrings are unarguably one of the most popular styles of ear jewelry and for a good reason. You can actually play with numerous metals and gems to create a fantastic collection of lever back earrings.

This article will cover various aspects of lever back earrings and the best designs that must surely be in your closet. Keep reading to know more-


What are leverback earrings?

Earrings with a hinged, closed mechanism at the top are lever backs. Although it looks like a french wire, the metal has a lever that closes the loop. Lever backs contain a hinged post and metal catch that cling together to keep the earrings securely attached to your ear, similar to latch backs.

Furthermore, they do not require additional earring clasps to fasten the earring. The lever back earrings open and close effortlessly for a secure fit. We can imagine the lever back earring as a hoop traveling through the ear piercing and latching on the other end, making it a snug fit.

The earring with a lever back hangs just below the earlobe. It sways beautifully as you walk and can reflect light for maximum sparkle.

Consider the lever back a safety feature that prevents your earring from coming undone and dropping out. These are great as a base for earrings with long dangles. This earring style has a slight curvature that makes it quite pleasant to wear. Opt for lever-back earrings when you want to show off your most valuable designs without worrying about losing any of the pieces.


Pros of using lever back earrings

Initially, we chose an earring based on its design. However, as we look at its fit, snugness, metal, and other features, the design takes a back seat. With lever back earrings, you will never need to compromise.

Presenting the advantages of lever back earrings to help you choose from the best-


Eliminate the pain

Many types of traditional ear jewelry can be uncomfortable. However, this is not the case with lever back jewelry. One of the main reasons for this is that this style option has no sharp components or parts in direct contact with the skin. As a result, this style of ear jewelry is appropriate for small children and those with sensitive skin.



Earrings with a lever back are evergreen. These have been around for ages and were always the top choice due to the alluring designs and comfort. One can find a whole new universe of gorgeous earrings with lever back clasps.


Reflects maximum light

The diamonds in lever back earrings are placed such that it captures and reflects maximum light. This gives you a lovely twinkle and shine that you don't get from other types of jewelry, or at least not in the same way.


Safe Snug

The lever back earring fastens securely on the ear. This helps you groove stress-free on any occasion. Also, it suits casual and formal wear, so there is no need for an earring change when transforming into different attire.


Best as a Statement piece

It's the era of using minimal jewelry. Using one statement earring can help you omit the necklace and vice versa. Lever back earrings are the best choice if you wish to shine in a piece of statement jewelry. You can complement the most basic little black dree with the sparkling lever back earrings.


Prevent hair damage and dangling

Strands of hair tangled in an earring are a concoction of pain, frustration, and the never-ending task of detangling it. The result is hazardous with hair damage and frizzy hair. A lever back earring's closed-back, on the other hand, will never snag or cause hair difficulties. It won't snag on clothing when it's pulled over the head. It also reduces the danger of earlobe tears and other problems associated with traditional ear jewelry.


Popularity of lever back earrings

Diamond lever back earrings have always been the most fashionable and popular jewelry accessories. They've been noticed in various settings, from classic films to red carpet runways. They also have a strong presence at formal events, where they adorn the ears of some of the most sophisticated and influential guests.

Modern lever back earrings are free-flowing and captivating, mimicking your body's delicate movements. They also allow for bolder styling choices and come in various patterns that combine white diamonds and other jewels.


Lever back earrings with unique designs

Love to explore without the anxiety of losing your favorite earring? Lever back earrings are your companions on the adventure. And here we bring forth the most alluring lever back earring designs for you to choose from.


Lever back solitaire stud earring

You can term this diamond lever back earring as a classic in the first look. There is a solitaire that hands right below the earlobe and provides the biggest sparkle on meeting light.

Crafted out of natural diamond and gold, the solitaire diamond stud earring is suitable for all occasions. Its availability in white, yellow, and rose gold can help you choose the best-suited one.

The lever back earring is as light as a cloud and sways with the lightest motion of air. Chose it to gift yourself, or if you have a large heart, shower your love to your sister, daughter, mother or best friend with this lever back earring as a wedding gift. They shall surely cherish it for a lifetime.




  • Earrings Size: Width 5.20MM
  • Pendant Weight: 2.00 grams
  • Diamond Carat: 1.10 Carats
  • Diamond Shape: Round
  • Diamond Cut: Round Brilliant Ideal Cut
  • Diamond Color: G-H
  • Diamond Setting: Prong Setting



 The price may vary from $950 to $1000 depending on the carat of the metal.


Solid gold natural diamond inside outside lever hoop earrings


If you seek diamond extravagance in a lever back earring, this one is for you. Available as a hoop earring, this classic design is elevated by 28 beautifully securing diamonds on the entire earring.

The alluring design is available in white, rose, and yellow gold. The diamonds are encapsulated in the metal rim, making the arrangement a snug yet sparkling fit.

The blend of precision and quality of glittering crystals with a traditionally attractive design makes this lever back earring a precious possession. This pair of diamond hoops has a hint of luxury flair in its design. It's a perfect wedding or anniversary gift to make a lasting impact.




  • Earring Weight: 1.50 grams
  • Diamond Pcs: 28 Pieces
  • Diamond Carat: 0.30 Carats
  • Diamond Shape: Round
  • Diamond Cut: Round Brilliant Ideal Cut
  • Diamond Color: G - H
  • Diamond Clarity: I1 / SI1 - SI2
  • Diamond Setting: Prong Setting



 Prices of this lever back earring may vary from $240 to $294, depending on the metal and the chosen clarity of diamonds.


Solid gold natural diamond 5.70 ct designer large lever back hoop earrings


The diamond overload in this sleek earring will surely be a prized possession. There are 132, 5.20 carat diamonds in this lever back earring, each encrusted to elevate its beauty.

These large hoop earrings shall be a gorgeous addition to your traditional wear. Experimenting with the different colors of gold, you can witness how it complements your dress and skin tone.

Though there is an evident diamond explosion here, the security of its prong setting shall keep you worry-free. The lever back shall snugly fit on your earlobe, letting you swirl in its glory.




  • Earrings Size : Length : 6.25 cm ( 2.46 Inch ) / Width : 2.10 mm
  • Earring Weight : 28.00 grams
  • Diamond Pcs : 132 Pieces
  • Diamond Color: G - H
  • Diamond Clarity: I1 / SI1 - SI2
  • Diamond Setting: Prong Setting




The price for this beautiful lever back earring can range from $4200 to $5200. It shall entirely depend on the metal carat and clarity of the diamond.


Inside outside lever back hoop earrings 18k/14k gold round diamonds


Breaking free from the classic lines of lever back earrings, here is a designer piece for you. With the enticing prong setting in the zig-zag pattern, this hoop lever back earring is a stunner for sure.


Crafted out of 36 diamonds and made available in rose, yellow and white gold, this lever back earring suits all your needs. But it shines the most as a party wear. These hoops basic adaptability makes them a stylish everyday accessory, a beautiful complement for more formal occasions, or a lovely present for a loved one.


Choose them as a gift for yourself, or be generous enough to present your special one with this timeless and exquisite design.




  • Earrings Size: 1.85 cm 2.60 mm
  • Pendant Weight: 2.75 grams
  • Diamond Pcs: 36 Pieces
  • Diamond Carat: 1.50 Carats
  • Diamond Cut: Round Brilliant Ideal Cut
  • Diamond Clarity: I1 / SI1 / VS1 / VVS1
  • Diamond Setting: Prong Setting




You can own this ravishing beauty at a price range of $900 to $1500, depending on the clarity of the diamonds.


Gold genuine diamonds, small lever back hoop earrings set


If you seek lever back earrings for elegant daily wear, this one is made for you. With glittery diamonds on the front and a snug fit, this lever back earring will make you dazzle yet gift the carefree persona to wonder about.


Weaved graciously in 16 round brilliant cut diamonds, this gorgeous lever back earring has all our heart. If experimented with hues of gold, i,e. rose, yellow or white, this lever back earring will be a staple for you on all occasions.


The natural earth mined diamonds and gold used in this lever back earring make it immensely precious. It shall always be a timeless possession that you shall never fear to wear on a crowded street or the dance floor.





  • Earrings Size: 1.70 cm/2.50 mm
  • Earring Weight: 3.10 grams
  • Diamond Pcs: 16 Pieces
  • Diamond Carat: 0.45 Carats
  • Diamond Shape: Round
  • Diamond Color: G - H / E - F
  • Diamond Clarity: I1 / SI1 / VS1 / VVS1
  • Diamond Setting: Prong Setting




The prices shall vary between $399 to $650, depending on the clarity you choose.




Lever back earrings deserve to be held close to your ears as the beauty they render cannot be found elsewhere. Choose your favorite one from the ones we've described here, or you can also visit our website for a never-ending timeless collection. We bet you shall never stop at one.


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