Stackable Diamond Eternity Rings

16 products

16 products

Many women want to add a stackable ring to their bridal ring set to either freshen up the set or add a little extra style. I wanted a plain band and a designer eternity ring so that I could perfectly mix and match the rings with my diamond engagement ring. I can also add rings to the set over the years without any problem.

Tips For Stacking Eternity Ring

When selecting the first band for a ring stack, It is recommend a classic and elegant ring, such as this pave band. It will pair beautifully with any number of other rings and will never look outdated. It can be worn alone or next to one or even many bands.

If you are thinking of starting a ring stack, It is suggested choosing a ring that you can mix and match with many different styles of designer rings. This way you will not limit your bridal set in any way.