Diamond Vintage Engagement Rings

20 products

20 products

If you are somebody with even a little bit of interest in this world of fashion, you must be aware of how it circles and makes a comeback every now and then! Be it choker necklaces or mom jeans or even round glasses, vintage styles always have their own ways to return.

With that in mind, Diamond for Good presents you with authentic vintage diamond ring crafted intricately to make your big day extra special! These rings, each having unique designs and styles, come in a wide range of shapes and colors. All of these come in different price ranges as well as a wide variety to choose from.

 Diamond Vintage Engagement Rings

●   Exquisite Artistry: At this store, our signature style is our classic design that we always stick to. This is what makes our gorgeous designs extra special. Our production process follows a series of detailed steps, starting from concept building, sketching and selection to packaging and then finally shipping. All of which is done with great care.

●   Outstanding Quality: Diamond Vintage Engagement Rings collection at our store are available in various colors and designs. This collection indeed is one of a kind! They offer the kind of sophistication and style that you will not find in modern designs. Their USP is in their classic design- center stone, period handcraft and a particular setting.

Types of Vintage Engagement Rings for Women

~ Rose Gold: For the past few years, Rose gold has definitely been a trending metal color choice. Rose gold has a pinkish tone to it that makes people dwell on love and romance. It forms a perfect pair with the diamond, complimenting it excellently with its fire and brilliance.

~White Gold: This metal itself has a beautiful shine that gorgeously reflects light, bringing out the shine in round diamonds. White golds hold most of the beautiful diamonds. Our vintage collection in white gold is as unique and authentic as it can get, they never go out of style! Out of the designs currently available with us, our all time favorite is our classic design.

~ Yellow Gold: One thing that makes yellow gold all the more fascinating is that in spite of being a classic metal color, one can have fun with its setting. With its soft warm hue, yellow gold envelopes the wearer with a feeling of comfort that lasts for long, even after THE day. This collection of rings also come with hypoallergenic elements that eliminates the chances of any allergic reaction.

 Diamond Ring with filigree

●    Unique (and of course romantic) design: What makes our vintage rings one of the best is their detailed design. Our classic design is the delicate leaf filigree studded with diamonds that twist together all the way through the band. This adds more style and sophistication to the ring, which makes it even more amazing. The filigree work is a proper throwback to a classic period making it a perfect choice for brides looking for classic designs! This however, was a custom made design which can be altered to match any kind of budget or stone specification with ease.

Art Deco Engagement Rings

●       Great Investment: These days, a ring is the first choice that comes to mind when one has to give their partners a gift! Our collection of vintage rings makes for a perfect choice, mostly because of their unique design! These vintage art deco engagement rings have their own specially crafted design which can never be copied using modern production methods! Our Diamond Vintage Wedding Ring Sets are most certainly worth more than the sum of their parts. Our rings are suited for all kinds of occasions and are available at all kinds of prices.

Celebrate every moment of love and togetherness with Diamond for Good and our collection of vintage rings that act as a reminder of ever-lasting love, laughter and glory. With over a hundred unique designs to choose from, savor the feeling of companionship with our Diamond Vintage Engagement Rings.