Three Stone Engagement Ring

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29 products

Sometime after the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, three stone wedding rings lit the public eyes as more started to be in pursuit of this royal flavor to their wedding or engagement.

Touted as a winning streak for those in love and planning to wed, this 3 stone wedding ring embodies “Past, Present, and Future” — the three states of time that define a relationship.

History of three stone engagement rings

If you are interested in buying a 3 stone diamond ring, you might as well take a look at its history. The 3 stone anniversary ring has long been a common piece of jewelry, but it wasn't until De Beers' Trilogy campaign was introduced in 2001 that it became an icon. The ring referred to as the “Past, Present, and Future Ring,” is full of romantic symbolism.

The three stones also talk about love, fidelity, and time.

The first diamond symbolizes a couple's past, including their shared memories and how and when they first met. Third serves as a reminder of their future and upcoming milestones, while the center diamond represents their shared present.

Types and Styles Of Three Stone Engagement Rings

The most common three stone diamond ring styles include three round shaped stones, varying in size. Some three stone round diamond engagement ring has a sizable center stone and smaller side stones, heightening the center stone's presence. Some even have side diamonds that are only marginally smaller than their matched center stone, creating a balanced appearance.

Typically, these stones are intended to all have the same shape, and it is possible to combine various forms into a single piece.

Here are some of the types you can choose from,

●    Princess Cut Diamonds

Since their introduction in the 1960s, princess cut have rapidly risen to the top of the list among those who value genuinely brilliant, intricate design. Princess-cut wedding sets have gained popularity as a symbol of the devotion and love shared by two people. Many women peruse the princess-cut engagement ring collection while dreaming about the day their true love will propose using one of the stunning three stone engagement rings.

●    Cushion Set Diamonds

Among the most popular designs are engagement rings with cushion-cut. They come in square, elongated, or rectangular shapes and are a lovely middle ground between a princess cut and brilliant round shapes. The corners of a cushion-cut diamond are rounded. There are two possible aesthetics for a cushion-cut : chunky or “crushed ice.” The decision as to which cushion-cut diamond is more beautiful rests with the beholder.

●    Round Brilliant Diamonds

The stunning trio of round diamonds in a three stone ring mirror the elegant contours of the center stone with perfectly round side stones. Each stone's setting is subtly tier-set to catch and reflect light, promising exquisite fire and brilliance from all angles. The frame is made of delicate halos of diamonds.

Three Diamond Anniversary Ring

There has never been a more popular design for diamond vintage engagement rings than three stone ring settings. After all, symbolizes the past, present, and future, adding to a lifetime of memorable moments. But just like any engagement ring or piece of diamond jewelry, picking the ideal three stone diamond engagement style can be challenging. But given the endless options and customizations, you can browse here ( to find the right one for you according to your preference and budget.

By Shape: Round, square, and emerald shapes are standard because they go well with one another. Meghan Markle's ring's central cushion-shaped diamond is sure to start a trend with this eye-catching design.

By Size: If you're looking for a more modern and distinctive option, you might want to think about a three stone ring with three identically sized and weighted diamonds that are set in a line or in a less formal arrangement.

By Setting: To highlight their connection, all three diamonds should be set in the same style of setting, whether you choose a prong or bezel design.

By Metal: Platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and gold are all standard metal options for three diamond rings. A trilogy ring should not have mixed metal colors because the three diamonds make up a large portion of the ring and could detract from its beauty.

Why Choose Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings?

The three stone ring offers a crazily wide range of options.

●    Customization options are almost limitless! You can use three diamonds of the same size or a larger stone with two smaller diamonds on either side.

●    Again, the symbolism of the larger central stone symbolizing the current moment in your life makes this particular style extremely well-liked.

●    You wouldn't want the three stones' sizes to differ by such a small amount that they appear to be randomly different in size rather than on purpose. This will enhance that center stone while giving you the stunning three stone look.