Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace

39 products

39 products

If it is too soon for an engagement ring, but you want to get there, a heart-shaped solitaire pendant might be the thing through which you can bring across your message best. It is a pendant, a gift or a blessing, not a formal. At the same time, it is your single heart for her to wear next to hers. Sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day present, doesn't it?

Heart Diamonds Are a Timeless Treasure

Why have so many royals and famous people found pleasure in heart diamond pendant necklaces? The answer is in the natural complement the shape has for the neckline, following the lines of a woman's collarbone. They can be worn high for a fancy rich beauty, or low for a more dramatic, flirty effect. The heart pendant necklace is the perfect jewelry. Heart necklaces are a perfect gift for a landmark birthday or graduation, coming in a range of weights and metals such as yellow gold, rose gold etc

 Diamond cutters must utilize special tools in order to make a perfectly symmetrical heart-shaped pendant, which can make this diamond pendant shape more costly than simpler fancy shapes. However, the special care that goes into every heart diamond will work in your support and make the gift even more unique.