Types of Solitaire Diamond Rings for Men - How Much Does it Cost?

Types of Solitaire Diamond Rings for Men - How Much Does it Cost?

Men's jewelry has transformed over time with the growing trends and picks. As much as the desire for men's jewelry grew, the variation in their jewelry section has grown on a wide range. Today men are comfortable embellishing ornaments, compared with the pioneer times, and with the steep rise in choices, wearing accessories has become appealing.

 Solitaire rings are the first choice, as engagement rings or for any other special occasion. Many companies have curated a magnificent collection of solitaire rings for men and made them available online. You can choose the best solitaire rings for men from the designer collection available both online and offline. We bet you will be confused with the choices.

 Here we are easing your overwhelmed self with the best 12 solitaire diamond rings for men. 


What is a Men's Solitaire Diamond Ring?

The ring that has a single stone mounted on its crown is the solitaire ring. The rareness of rock, along with its hefty price, are the factors that make solitaire rings an expensive affair. The metals used to set the precious stone also play a significant role in the steep costs of the solitaire ring.

Solitaire diamond rings for men are rings with a single diamond weighing a few carats and having precise cut and clarity ranges. Though solitaires are extensively used in women's jewelry designs, recently, men have also begun to cherish them. They are now famous for eternity bands, engagement bands, wedding bands, and other major events of one's life.

 Men's Diamond Solitaire Ring Design

Due to the escalating demand for men's solitaire diamond rings, jewelry designers have begun to carve out the best of their art. The price ranges are also varying to suit men of all economic backgrounds. These start with $1000 and may cost as high as $15,000. For those looking for a sporadic and precious collection, men's solitaire diamond rings may cost millions.

Usually, the amplitude of the gold band or ring represents the wearer's gender. Men's diamond solitaire ring designs are thick bands with a straight bar or a hollow on the outer surface. It is suggested that the inner part of the band that gets into contact with the skin should not be pessimistic or empty, yet it should be packed and adjusted snugly on the finger. Or it can induce wrinkling, skin irritation, or also itching.

 12 Types Of Solitaire Diamond Rings For Men

The solitaire ring flawlessly intensifies the wearer's charm and grace. There are diverse designs in solitaire rings available out there, but here we have gathered some of the top 12 most desirable solitaire diamond rings for men to choose from. Let's get started.

Prong & Solitaire Setting

The most classic and universal men's single diamond rings setting is the prong setting. A prong is a tiny metal hook that seizes the diamond tightly, securing it in position. Most prong settings emphasize either four or six prongs. Prongs can be pointed, rounded, V-shaped, or flat.

Bar Set Diamond Solitaire Ring

Placing diamonds individually within vertical metal bars is a different style to set fragile stones. Bar setting drops the diamond opened on two sides, kept in a station by the metal bars that seizes the rocks on the other two sides. This setting can accompany the center stone or stand out for a striking wedding band or anniversary ring.


Eternity Band Diamond Solitaire Ring

Eternity bands do not hold a specific class of setting; instead, they emphasize small diamonds or gemstones throughout the entire band. The name was given due to the diamonds encircled around the band, making an eternal circle. These rings also come in half-eternity rings that feature diamonds that wind partially around the band. You can have these wedding bands for other special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine's Day.


Infinity Engagement Ring Setting

Based on the epitome of everlasting love, an infinity ring highlights a unique and elegant design with a pattern of an "8" shape formed up of two interlinking bands to form an infinity symbol. It gives a ring a delicate, graceful look that indicates the center men's diamond rings solitaire.


Flush Setting Diamond Solitaire Ring

The flush setting of the men's diamond rings solitaire is also identified as a gypsy setting. The diamond is set into a pierced hole in the ring's band. This will help the ring sit "flush" with the ring's band. This type of ring is a popular selection for weddings for men, as the diamond lies securely and is therefore highly preserved from breaking or coming out.


Pavé Setting Diamond Solitaire Ring

Originating from the French word "to pave," the pavé setting is pronounced as the "pa-vay." By nearly setting tiny diamonds collectively with a minimum distinctness of the little metal dots or prongs keeping the stones in position, results in a continuous sparkle ring.

The ring typically pierces holes into the band, delicately sets the diamonds into the holes, and lastly makes tiny dots, or mini-prongs, throughout each diamond to guard them within the holes.

Men Platinum Solitaire Ring

With the royal feel of platinum, add a solitaire. Platinum solitaire rings are being widely utilized in solitaire engagement rings for men. A center solitaire diamond lies perfectly on top of the platinum that gives you a prominent personality in any event.


Solitaire Diamond Yellow Gold Ring

Wearing a gold ring can combine a feeling of beauty and attraction to the person's character. Uniting a solitaire diamond to your gold ring can make the complete appearance of a men's ring. This yellow gold diamond ring must be an ideal choice for solitaire rings for men's engagement and anniversary.


Emerald-Cut Solitaire Rings

Emerald-cut diamond solitaire rings are so famous in men's fashion. Wearing an emerald solitaire ring along with dual limbs can show the boldness of your fashion. This sparkle emerald cut ring can be the ideal solitaire ring for you.


Men's Row Beaded Solitaire Ring

The designer design, the entire structure of the ring, and the row beaded ring reflect this assertion perfectly. The corners of the rings are elegantly designed with tiny beads with a heart design which can be excellent solitaire engagement rings for men.


Halo Solitaire Ring

The Halo Solitaire Ring has a beautiful core stone encircled by smaller solitaire stones to obtain the center stone look great. Therefore, if you desire to attract people's attention to your center stone, the halo solitaire ring can be the most excellent selection for men.


Bezel Set Diamond Solitaire Ring

Bezel set solitaire ring is an honored ring frame because of its stylish and sophisticated appearance. Thick metal solidly encircles the solitaire that it will regularly adapt to your everyday lifestyle. If you desire to wear a solitaire ring like an everyday wearing adornment, you should prefer the bezel setting solitaire.

 How to determine the best of men's solitaire diamond rings?


Whatever ring style you select, the gorgeous diamond will forever be at the core. With a decent understanding of diamonds, you shall pick the perfect solitaire diamond ring for men and never regret your choice of the timeless diamond ring. Understanding the pricing procedure of diamonds can help to gauge the pricing of your solitaire diamond ring for men.

Diamond Shape

The most famous diamond solitaire engagement and anniversary rings usually feature a round excellent diamond cut that a various style whose perfect symmetry assures every diamond cut shines.

When choosing a solitaire, it is essential to concentrate on the stone's quality and traits. The quality of solitaire or any other diamond is imposed on 4C, i.e., color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.


Ring Setting

Along with keeping the diamond in place, a solitaire frame is central to the aesthetic of an engagement ring. Elegant and classic, the four-dimensional diamond in its major part enables light to travel by its facets, creating the diamond's unique brilliance.

You might consider a bezel or tension setting to add a modern twist to a traditional solitaire ring.

Band Style

Recognize that the band, also called the shank, will change your diamond selection as well, so you should think whether a plain band or a decorative band coating is better for your ring or a split shank rather than a choice.


Metal Color

Though white gold and platinum are among the favorites for men's solitaire diamond rings, yellow and rose gold are also sought for the solitaire diamond ring collection.


How Much Does it Cost?

Price of the Solitaire diamond

The solitaire diamond ring price is essentially built up of 4 elements: Color, Carat, Clarity, and Cut. Here is a brief of how these 4 factors affect the diamond pricing



One of the main factors in a 1-carat solitaire diamond ring price is its weight. Same as any other thing in the world, "the heavier the goods, the pricier they are." Diamonds hold the same.

 One carat comprises 200 milligrams or 0.007055 ounces. The graded system of metric carats is more divided into 100 points. A 50-point solitaire diamond is half of a carat or 0.5 carat.


Diamonds are either natural or lab-grown. They are available in multiple colors that determine the prices. A pure diamond has no hue and is colorless. In the color grading system, diamonds are graded from D to Z, where D is the most pristine, i.e., colorless and clear, reflecting the maximum light, while Z is cloudy and does not emit much brightness. As we move forward from D to Z in the 23-grade scale, diamonds gradually become more yellow, brown, or grey.

Today most diamonds marketed for jewelry are supposed to be "near-colorless" within G and J on the color scale.  These are costlier than the ones with hues.



While the diamond matures, microscopic defects or impurities remain there inside the diamond. These defects are identified as diamond inclusions. The inclusions progressive build the diamond's clarity. This clarity is evaluated by gemologists and rated on a scale from FL - I3. Here FL is flawless, i.e., it has no inclusions. Hence it will be costly. As the grading decreases, inclusions increase, and prices also lessen.



The diamond cut is instrumental in determining the light reflection. Precise artistry will be required to provide the best cut to the diamond and ensure that it reflects maximum light. The prices of the diamond shall increase according to the amount of light reflected.


Prices of Metal

Most solitaire diamond rings for men are curated in platinum. Yet there are multiple collections in gold, too, due to its appealing rose, white and yellow colors. The prices of the solitaire diamond ring for men will also rely heavily on the metal used.



The prices of gold are determined by carat weight. 22 carat or 916 gold is the standard of gold pricing in terms of yellow gold. Rose and white gold have lesser amounts of gold and more of other alloys; hence they shall be a bit cheaper than the 22K yellow gold.



Platinum is expressed in the percentage of thousands. For most countries, it is 950 in 1000 parts, while some also opt for 585 parts. The higher percentage of platinum will imply its high prices.



This elaborate article has tried to provide maximum information about solitaire diamond rings for men, starting from designs to their pricing tactics. Now that you are ready, choose the best solitaire diamond ring for men and impress your loved one with your precious choice. These diamond solitaire rings are enduring jewelry ornaments and fit for every occasion that always gives you a perfect look. We believe that you have liked all the men's solitaire diamond ring designs, and now picking one to cherish for a lifetime will be easier.

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