Vintage Designer Rings

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167 products

You’ve likely aware by now that fashion sweeps through our world in cycles. Flared jeans made their comeback, and choker necklaces are now ruling supreme. So it should hardly be a surprise that engagement ring becomes popular as the years go on, too. One of the biggest trends for bridal jewelry is actually vintage style rings.

Vintage designer rings are truly beautiful and one of a kind. They offer a style and sophistication not found in modern wedding ring styles. Vintage engagement rings are seen as clear features such as unique center stones, period handcraft, and particular setting or ways of doing things. 

Vintage Engagement Ring Design For Antique Lovers

One of the greatest elements of a vintage style ring is the detailed nature of the design. With this ring, delicate leaf filigree studded with diamonds twists together its way down the band. This adds extra style to the ring, making it all the more amazing. This filigree work is a real throwback to a classic age, perfect for a women who is a classic beauty. This custom made ring can be copied to match almost any budget or center stone specifications with ease.